How likely am I to get into St. Vincent's College in Bridgeport, CT

  1. Hello!
    I am currently a student at SCSU as a psych major and I just applied to St. Vincent's college for the upcoming spring semester. I am extremely concerned as to if I am going to get in. My current GPA is a sad 2.68 (I am not proud of this at all) I screwed up my first semester and I am now paying for it!
    I was just wondering if anyone has gotten accepted with a GPA below a 3.0 I am really nervous, this is the ONE school I want to go to more than anything. I don't want to resort to lincoln tech
    please help!
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    I'm currently attending St.Vincent's. I swear I remember a min GPA needed, but I can't find it in any of my papers. I just looked at my current student handbook and I don't see a minimum GPA needed to apply. So that's good..however,

    That being said, I can tell you that people who don't meet the requirements for direct entry into the Nursing program (for whatever reason) are often offered spot in the pre-major (nursing or xray which ever is your intended major). What happens there is you have to take 14 credits (two classes must be sceinces w/labs like A&P I and II, or A&P I and Micro). For students who are accepted into the Pre-major for the Fall of 2012 you need to get a B in Bio I and II, and Microbiology, and a C+ or better in Math 140. And have a 2.75 GPA or better with the classes you have taken. Once you have taken your 14 credits (2 classes being the lab sciences), gotten that GPA needed you are given a spot in the following Fall's nursing class.

    Since you currently have a GPA lower than what they want the pre-major people to have I'd say you probably won't be admitted directly into the nursing program but more likely into the pre-major.

    You sent your application in..correct? The admission committee meets once a month (beginning of the month if I'm not mistaken) and make their decisions. The accept/denial letters go out within a day or so of that. You should have your letter soon.

    All hope is not lost. You probably still have a very good shot at the pre-major. Do you have credits that will transfer (math, sociology, intro to psych, ethics..etc), they only accept 18 credits to transfer. If you don't have 18 transferable credits, what I'd suggest is getting the list of the required classes for the nursing program and take as many as you can (up to 18 credits) at a community college! Saves you a TON of money! Oh wait, you applied for the Spring Semester?? If you're accepted into the spring semester that leaves no time to take any other classes..ughh..Oh, and BTW, once you receive your acceptance letter (pre-major or direct entry into nursing) you CAN NOT take any classes at another school to transfer over to ST V's.

    Best of luck!
  4. by   helennnxo
    Thank you for all the information! It was really helpful!! I just got something in the mail from them today saying that I need to go in for a math placement test (I don't know if that's good or not) Im hoping it means something!! I have intro to psych that will transfer, all my other classes I took are basically useless to St V's.

    Im hoping for anything! I'd be more than happy if I got accepted into the pre-major program. I want to be a nurse more than anything, but I feel like my lousy first semester really screwed me over
  5. by   CT Pixie
    I'd think that was a GREAT they normally meet at the beginning of the month..(did you get your app and all the needed info in before say oct 1st?).

    What it means is you have no math thats transferable and they need to place you in a math class that meets your current knowledge base (do you need to start from the beginning..or can you go right into the needed math class) So, it makes no sense for them to know you have been denied entry into both the pre-major and the major and then send out a letter about a placement test. I think thats a good sign!
  6. by   helennnxo
    well my transcript didn't get there until two days ago, but I had completed the application mid September. And I agree completely with what your saying, why would they waste time testing me if they weren't interested? Im so anxious, but in a good way now!! I'll keep you updated :spin:
  7. by   CT Pixie
    Its possible they took your app in for review and gave a decision on the terms that your transcripts showed what they wanted to see

    As I said, I don't think they would waste their time and resources having you take the placement test if you aren't even going to be accepted. There are only a few testing dates per week or month (can't remember) and they are small they wouldn't, I don't think, waste a seat on someone they have denied.

    Please let me know. I'm sure you'll get your letter soon. You could always call the admissions dept and inquire as to whether or not the committee has met and when you might expect an answer. also mention you got a letter about the placement test..might as well schedule it while you're on the phone with them
  8. by   helennnxo
    I was planning on calling them tomorrow! Ill let you know what they say
  9. by   CT Pixie
    did you call?
  10. by   helennnxo
    I called yesterday! I set up and appointment to take my placement test next Tuesday, and I should know shortly after if I have been accepted or not. Only thing to worry about now is refreshing my mind on algebra, I was never good at it :uhoh21:
  11. by   CT Pixie
    try for starters.
    You can also google "practice basic algebra" for a refresher in how to do things.

    I know since my math was not transferable I had to take the placement math test to see where I needed to start with Math..either at the credit Math you need for nursing, or the class or two below it. Luckily, i refreshed and was able to score high enough that I went right into the Math 140! I still find it odd that they would have you take the test if they know you've already been denied. I still say its a good sign!

    Actually I'm heading out right now to take a math Later I'll go through my papers and give you the links that they suggest you look at prior to taking the placement test.
  12. by   CT Pixie
    Lucky you. I noticed my stuff sitting right here...

    also info and sample questions regarding the placement test can be found at

    I used the last link more than the others.
  13. by   helennnxo
    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! And yeah, I think it's a pretty good sign as well. I can't wait to just get the test out of the way and get accepted

    and thanks for the sites! I'm looking on them now and they seem really helpful. I just need to remember the basics and I should be all set.
  14. by   CT Pixie
    and? Did you take your placement test and/or find out about being admitted or not?

    I'm hoping your silence means no news is good news.