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Hello! I am currently a student at SCSU as a psych major and I just applied to St. Vincent's college for the upcoming spring semester. I am extremely concerned as to if I am going to get in. My current GPA is a sad 2.68 (I am... Read More

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    Lucky you. I noticed my stuff sitting right here...

    also info and sample questions regarding the placement test can be found at

    I used the last link more than the others.

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    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! And yeah, I think it's a pretty good sign as well. I can't wait to just get the test out of the way and get accepted

    and thanks for the sites! I'm looking on them now and they seem really helpful. I just need to remember the basics and I should be all set.
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    and? Did you take your placement test and/or find out about being admitted or not?

    I'm hoping your silence means no news is good news.
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    I took my placement test this past tuesday and I think i did very well :spin: they said I should be receiving a letter in the mail within 2 weeks!! my anxiety is building
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    Hi there!
    Quick question. Since you're going through the whole application process right now.....
    The website I noticed is kind of vague as to what needs to be turned in for the application. I filled out and submitted my application today. I already have a bachelors degree from another school. I'm assuming I need to send in my transcripts? or should I wait to receive some sort of letter from them?
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    You need to send in the application and the app fee. You also need to have your transcripts sent from all colleges you've attended. Don't wait on getting the transcripts sent. Your app won't be considered complete and therefore won't be taken to the Admissions committee until ALL required things are there.

    Sadly, you can only transfer 18 credits toward the nursing program. However, if you decide to go on and get your RN to BSN, you can transfer in more.
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    I GOT IN !!!! I was accepting in to the pre nursing program I was originally supposed to start in the spring, but thanks to Southern not reimbursing my financial aid i can't start until the fall, but oh well. I am just too happy
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    I TOLD you! Funny you're posting now, I went back earlier today to this post to see if you had updated it and got worried that maybe for some odd reason you didn't get in and just didn't want to post it.

    So so very happy for you!
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    Thank you!!! And to make it even better since I have to stay at scsu for another semester I am able to take classes that are transferable so I can start nursing immediately. I am super excited!!
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    Don't go too crazy with credits, they (St. V's) only accepts 18 credits from another college.

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