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  1. My son - a USA citizen, is a UK nursing student in 4 year program. Has completed 3 1/2 years (has finished and passed all academics). What level of nursing would he be qualified for in Connecticut without having to take more courses? The UK program is for a BSN equivilent. He wants to move back here and reunite with family. Has also completed some clinical requirements. Every place we contact here (Connecticut) has told him to apply to CGFNS - however, they work with your intented school - what if he doesn't need to take more courses etc. and how would he pick a school if he doesn't know what level of nursing he has finished studies for? He is interested in associates degree in Nursing. Any other way to learn where he stands and what, if any tests, etc. he needs at this point?
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  3. by   Rocknurse
    He would still have to take the NCLEX exam to practise in the US.
  4. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    It would seem to me (JMHO) that if he didn't finish his schooling there (you said he had done 3-1/2 years of a 4 year program), he, like any of us here in the US who didn't finish our program but still wanted to be nurses, would have to start over in another school if he wanted to finish and be an RN.

    If he didn't finish an ADN program, he doesn't get the ADN degree.

    If he finished his program in the UK, and qualified for whatever they call an RN there, then there is an exam for foreign grads that he would take if he wanted to practice here--just like any other foreign grad.

    Afterall, we are importing nurses from all over--the Philippines, various African countries, plenty of Canadian nurses here..... Check with the Board of Nursing for Connecticut and see what they say.

    Good luck!
  5. by   suzanne4
    MomMad: Is your son planning on finishing his classes in the UK? I would highly recommend that he does that. Otherwise, he won't have equivalent of a professional nurse degree from the UK to qualify for licensure here without having to take more classes. CGFNS does not work with schools at all, actually has nothing to do with any of the schools here or abroad directly. They are responsible for doing an evealuation of the nurse's classes to make sure that they are equivalent to those of the US. Your son does not need to worry about the Visa Screen since he is a US citizen, however, since he went to school out of the US, he will be required to complete the CGFNS exam as well as the NCLEX exam if he wants to work in Conn to meet their licnesure requirements. He cannot apply to take the CGFNS exam until he has actually graduated and is licensed in the UK. If he does not become licensed in the US, he will have to get special permission form CGFNS to sit for the exam. One of their requirements is that the nurse has a license to practice where they went to nursing school. If he wants to work in NY he can skip CGFNS, however, if he wants to work in Conn. before two years are up, he will have to take CGFNS then. But he will also have to complete the program, again via CGFNS, for verification for the State of New York. You can look directly at their website: for more details.

    Hope that this information helps you and your son. You can PM me if you want further details.