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    Does anybody know how many nursing applicants that Naugatuck Valley Community College accepts? What about Three Rivers Community College??? Does anybody have an opinion on which school is a better nursing school?

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    I am at NVCC. They take 125. Last year there were close to 300, after eliminating those not eligible, still had around 250 I believe. I do like NVCC. Like every program, has its ups and downs. The graduating class of 2013 had the highest passing NCLEX rate (on the first try) in the state. NVCC graduates are highly respected in the Waterbury community. Also-there is a bridge program for BNS through WestConn and a lot of the classes are offered at NVCC. They also have an awesome job placement program for the nurses after graduation. They keep faculty letters of recommendation on file, so you just have to make one call to the school and tell them where to send your letters. I don't know anything about TRCC.
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    I don't know anything about NVCC, so the first response will balance out my TRCC based response. I graduated from TRCC in spring 2012. We had 96 accepted, 48 start in the fall and 48 start in the spring. Over the course of the four semesters we lost a few, gained some from previous semesters and third semester the LPNs come into the program. I think we had between 35-40 graduate with us. As jan286 mentioned, each program has its ups and downs. Some semesters are a little more disorganized, and everyone will find potential personality conflicts with instructors/classmates/etc. But you'll find that anywhere. TRCC has an excellent reputation in the SECT area and most of my classmates found employment relatively quickly. I had one interview and the DON of my facility said, "we are always happy to have TRCC graduates and find they're very successful in our facility", there are now four nurses from my class on staff and we've all found ourselves prepared for the job with the nursing education we got at TRCC. Good luck with your decisions.

    Just a thought, you're looking at programs that are very far apart, and the clinicals are generally within an hour of the campus. Depending upon where you live, getting to Rhode Island (for TRCC), or the Northwestern corner for NVCC, could be quite a challenging commute.

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