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How are you doing guys. Happy Newyear to everyone! I am researching about schools in connecticut.I used to live in Massachussets and Currently I am living in downsouth and I have finished all my prereq's except micro and am... Read More

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    I agree it is way expensive but the teachers are great. I know people that got in acing the NLN (10points) and interview (12 points) and community service (2 or 3 don't remember) and one class at Goodwin. But you cant walk in with zero classes and move right into nursing.
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    Goodwin def. needs to give students more clinical hours/time. 2 days a wk, preferably one right after the other would best emulate a true RN working her shifts. I graduated from there last Dec. 08 and find that is what was lacking when I got into the real working world.
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    So for the Goodwin College Grads, have you found it hard to find a job?? And how long is the entire program?
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    just wanted to say i know 2 ladies that graduated from Goodwin recently and both said they were only able to find jobs at the rehab/LTC facility that i work. apparenlty its harder to get jobs in hospitals, im hearing you need to know people. I thankfully know people at hartford hosp. hopefully that will help me once i graduate!
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    I just graduated from Goodwin and start my first RN job on Monday!! I passed the Nclex in 75 questions and felt Goodwin prepared me well.
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    Where did you get a job?