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How are you doing guys. Happy Newyear to everyone! I am researching about schools in connecticut.I used to live in Massachussets and Currently I am living in downsouth and I have finished all my prereq's except micro and am... Read More

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    Thanks Robin. I got the full 12 on the interview. They didn't even ask me any questions! I applied for january, so I guess we will see! Thanks for responding Are you in the program now?

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    Yeah second semester. I am pleased with it so far. I have a friend that got in with 26 and that was 2 semesters ago. I also know someone got in last semester with 28. Also I heard (and I am not sure if it is true) if you are at the cut off and you reapply you get in the second time. Don't know if that is true or not?
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    Thanks for the info! i feel a little bit more hopeful about getting accepted in january. I know their were 157 applicants and this number included people who did not pass the NLN. Any other advice?
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    Not off the top of my head (the hard part is waiting)- feel free to ask questions though. Let me know if you get in!! Good Luck. In my opinion I think if it were down to you and someone else the NLN score would make the difference. Did you get the full 10 points for NLN?
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    goodwin bashing.......... awesome! i just graduated from their nsg program. they had several kinks to work out but they have done so remarkably well! ALL THE NSG TEACHERS AND STAFF ARE FIRST RATE! if someone did not pass, it is not the fault of the faculty. it is true, u must pass exit exam, but by that point if u do not pass, again, not faculty's fault. i studied so much for that exit exam that when it was time to take nclex, i did very little studying. and yes i passed first time.......... my classes pass rate is 97% last i heard. so please do your homework before your fingers fly over the keyboard. thanks...........
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    Yeah I agree...... I had asked about "should I take an outside NCLEX course", and they said "No we give you every tool you need to pass" and so far I have found that to be true. Congrats!! Did you find a job yet?
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    thx yes i am one of the lucky few. i count my blessings everyday. btw, i am making $30 per hr............ YEAH!
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    YIPEE!! Are you at a hospital?
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    nope! NONE of the hospitals are hiring............ school nurse
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    I just withdrew from Goodwin, they are EXTREMELy expensive, taking 3 classes a semester will run u about $6,000 and it keeps going up thanks to their new building that they have to pay off or maintain. And they also work on a "point system", its their way of getting all the money out of you they can. If you want to graduate from Goodwin, you can pretty much guarantee you have to take all your classes there, bc each class gives you points and you have to have a certain amount of points at the end to get into the nursing program, the better your grades are, the more points you get, same works for when you take the state nursing test. Its all a gimick i realised. I looked into CapitalCC and their program is shorter, less classes, almost an AMAZING $1,000 cheaper a class and there isn't an extremely long wait. I was told if i enrolled for Spring 2010 that i could graduate fall 2011 or spring 2012, but I already have 20 credits in sciences and other required classes, that i took at Goodwin and have a pretty penny of debt from! If youre lucky enough to have your parents pay for your school then i'd say try goodwin, the staff is very nice.

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