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Good morning! I am a current LPN working on pre-requisites for application to the CCC-NP for Fall 2013! I'm taking most of my courses at Holyoke Community College and hope to transfer to... Read More

  1. by   ORnurseCT
    GCC will have a different schedule because of the larger class size.
  2. by   toonsis
    My.commnet says letters will only go out for unaccepted students, and online for wait listed and accepted students.
  3. by   jan286
    Even when letters were sent, the colleges did not send out their own letters. They come from The Board of Regents in Hartford. I believe (not sure if it is true or not) that they do the ranks and the lottery in Hartford as well. The colleges do all the footwork (check documents, GPA's etc) and send all the information to Hartford were they rank everyone for each college. All the letters, regardless of what college they applied to, used to be mailed on the same day from Hartford.
  4. by   jan286
    Quote from studentnurseCT
    GCC will have a different schedule because of the larger class size.
    How many does GCC accept? I was told at an information session that Capital is the largest at 162, then Naugatuck at 125. It looks like Gateway accepts 96, is that correct?
  5. by   jan286
    Quote from toonsis
    Does anyone know how the fall semester works at Gateway or any of the schools for that matter? It looks life class is evey day all day, there are so may hour choices, how many hours are the classes actually supposed to be?

    Also, how does a school expect you to take microbiology when the sections are full within one day? Craziness!

    Thanks and best of luck. I am so nervous
    I am just guessing because I do not know how Gateway does their schedule, but I think you will sign-up or be assigned to a section for clinical. It looks like (to me at least) that lecture is M,T 4-6 and then the rest are different clinical groups...except that W 3-6...Im not sure what that is. Campus lab maybe? I think the last 2 listed are probably campus clinical...they probably have to list them to reserve the room. They have long hours like clinical, but are on-campus. Im sure they will explain it all once you are accepted...and then you will have one of those light-bulb moments! LOL
  6. by   ORnurseCT
    The acceptance letters come from the school, GCC sends registration and orientation informtion also. GCC accepts 96 students, not counting the LPNs.
  7. by   ORnurseCT
    GCC has 96, but its no longer split into two semesters there will be 96 in the classroom for the first time. There may be schedule changes to accommodate that. The 201 class is going to have several LPNs join them!! All of this adds clinical groups and changes the classom availability. Some only hold 50 students, that waa fine in the past not now. I would wait for orientation and not go by the schedule on the registration page.
  8. by   NurseWannaBe86
    I received my acceptance letter from Hartford, it was stamped with "CT state universities and community colleges".

    If you receive a big sized envelope you know you're accepted.
  9. by   jan286
    Quote from NurseWannaBe86
    I received my acceptance letter from Hartford, it was stamped with "CT state universities and community colleges".

    If you receive a big sized envelope you know you're accepted.
    Yeah, I was waitlisted last year and my letter came from Hartford as well. The orientation and information packets come directly from each individual college. But, they are not mailing those this year either. Students who have been accepted will have the papers available to them to print from commnet. Those who are waitlisted will get a letter from Hartford that tells them what number on the list they are for their college of first choice.
  10. by   NurseWannaBe86
    I find it so informal to send out letters for those who are unaccepted, but no letters for those who are actually accepted lol.
    Good luck everyone! And if you do get accepted, make sure you have either all of your pre-requisites done, or do them over the summer! Taking other classes in addition to the NUR classes is a lot and hard!
    Good luck again! Keep us posted
  11. by   NAM2bRN
    I just checked the my.commnet and it says we will find out online under the Student Records tab. No letters are going out except to those that were ineligible. If you haven't received that letter then we are either accepted or wait listed. It also says mid-April we would find out so I am thinking we will be hearing the week of April 15th not this week, but I could be wrong because in a few other posts they were saying this wednesday. I applied to Gateway and there are 96 spots and someone was talking the other day in class and mentioned they heard there was over 300 applicants for Gateway. That is a lot. I remain positive. I will only have Nursing Courses to take after this semester. I have completed all of my pre-reqs and all the other classes on the program requirements form. I am remaining positive that I will get in. Good luck to everyone and we are getting closer!!
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  12. by   susannej21
    I am trying to stay positive as well. I applied to NVCC nursing program for fall 2013. I am really about to loose my mind, having trouble staying calm. I really wish I could just find out if I got accepted or not. I recieved no letters so far, so I am assuming I either got accepted or waitlisted. Wish you luck, we are almost there. . We'll keep checking student records for the good news.
  13. by   X0amber13
    I spoke to someone from NVCC, they originally thought we are going to find out April 9th but if not it will be by mid-April she said. The wait is torchure!