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Getting ready to apply: CT Community Colleges- Nursing Program 2013 - page 19

Good morning! I am a current LPN working on pre-requisites for application to the CCC-NP for Fall 2013! I'm taking most of my courses at Holyoke Community College and hope to transfer to... Read More

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    It says 2013-2014 on the application because all the colleges use the same application and Norwalk still gives you a choice.
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    Does anyone know if they will put our nursing gpas any where. I have mine figured out, but I get nervous because I have taken so many classes, and the people doing it are only human.

    I may be neurotic but I desperately need to get in this year. Good luck to everyone.
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    We find out next week if we got in!!!
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    What happens if all the micro classes are filled for the fall? I can't register for Summer as I don't have the money yet.
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    toonsis: Just keep trying. Check every day, several times a day....someone always drops the class. I had to do that or AP I and II and for Microbiology! I literally stalked the 'search for courses' page. As soon as I saw a seat open up...I made a note of the course number...signed into mycommnet....and immediately enter the course number...and got the seat! I know it seems like a longshot...but it works! Good luck! And keep checking.
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    So, they took down the link to check the status of our documents! One more step closer!!!!!
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    I noticed this also. Starting to get nervous now that it's close. I've been checking like every half hour for some type of update.
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    RNN34: Oh good! I'm glad I'm not the only one! I was paranoid I was the only one checking the website! Good to know I'm not the only one! Ha!
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    Hate to say it. But I think the only way I'm getting in is random selection. Damn b in writing is going to kill me.
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    RNN34: Think positively! Just have faith and believe.
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    I've been checking constantly too! I get butterflies just thinking about it. Good luck everyone.
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    If I don't get in this semester and I retake that stupid writing class and get an A I'd be over a 3.6 so that's my backup plan.
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    I'm at this point where I almost dont want to know anymore. I'm banking on the lotto system or that I calculated my gpa wrong lol! Good luck to everyone! My backup plan is to retake classes to raise my gpa. Still can't believe we will know by this time next week.