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Good morning! I am a current LPN working on pre-requisites for application to the CCC-NP for Fall 2013! I'm taking most of my courses at Holyoke Community College and hope to transfer to Northwestern Connecticut Community... Read More

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    Thanks!I have not applied yet. My problem is the Computer applications requirement. I am taking the test to test out of the class, at Gateway next week. I have heard that the test is extremely difficult. I have absolutely no money to take the actual class over winter break. It's hard to think this one thing may hold me back a whole year Nursewannabe, I am happy there was not 900 people that have applied, but did hear of 600, which is bad enough.What departments do you guys want to end up in? My dream is to be labor and delivery, or pediatric oncolony some day.

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    The test will be good if you stay at Gateway. But the test doesn't transfer. So you will eventually have to take the class. Unless your new school has a test.
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    I would also suggest to go to the school library and get the book that they're using in the computer class, so you can read it and prepare yourself good for the test. the class was really easy, I took it because I knew I wouldn't pass the test, I wasn't good enough in Excel. Do you get only one try for the exam? Good luck!
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    @studentnurseCT: Hi! I would like to know if you could please tell me the ISBN number of your Pharmacology book and how much it was? I'm waiting for NVCC to let me know which one we will be using, but they're sooo slow! Thank you very much in advance!
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    We use Pharmacology for Nursing Care-Lehne, 7th ed. 978-1-4160-6249-3
    But there is an 8th ed.
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    So I'm ready to apply for fall 2013 at gateway. I have a 3.7 nursing GPA and an A right now in A&P (finals in a couple of weeks) my teas was 84.7 and I'm Wondering if I should talk it again. I have to get in this year...I have all my pre and coreqs except for micro and A&P 2 (taking them this spring). I'm so nervous I want make it in.
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    Those are awesome stats, Louise. Maybe we will be classmates! My Teas, were not good though, 76, I am retaking them in January. If I had your score, I would be so happy Have you take computer applications or did you test out it? What have you heard about that test if anything?
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    So everyone keeps posting their stats and it worries me because mine are much worse I think my only way of getting in this year is if i get chosen by random selection.
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    Don't worry July, I have been there. The only reason my Gpa is higher is due to the new way of only counting certain classes. My stats have not always been good. The lottery process is really good too, plus once you are in it won't matter how you got there. It's like in high school and you work so hard, but two years out and not many remember what you got. Our stats are merely numbers and not a true reflection of you could be as a nurse. Don't be afraid to post your stats either, most are not judgemental, but trying to just be helpful No matter what keep plugging away until you get there.
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    Thanks for the encouragement toonsis Right now my gpa is a 2.4 because in my first semester i got a D in Math 136 and in my second semester i got a C+ in english 102 and psych. So this semester I'm retaking math and so far I have an A-. I'm also taking A&P for the second time (dropped it my first semester) and right now I have a 79.38. But when my teacher drops our lowest test grade, it will be higher. As long as I do well on our 4th exam and the final.

    I took the teas test last month. I couldn't really study for it because I'm always studying for A&P or math. So I scored a 67.3. But, I'm taking it again in January and i have the ati study manual. So I hope i can score in the 80's to make myself more competitive.

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