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Good morning! I am a current LPN working on pre-requisites for application to the CCC-NP for Fall 2013! I'm taking most of my courses at Holyoke Community College and hope to transfer to Northwestern Connecticut Community... Read More

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    last year at capital i was 21 out of 125 and they went up to 11.. but ive heard of them going high into the 20s before so you never know
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    Thanks for the info. He said last year was no indication of how far down they might go this year. In 10 years he's seen them take as few as 6 and as many as 23 off the waitlist. Congratulations to you! Did you do anything different this year than last year to get a seat?
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    Does anyone know when NV will updated us from General Studies to Nursing? Registration for NU 101 opens Tuesday, but if we aren't listed as Nursing, we will get the "Major Restriction" error and it won't let us register. I put my letter to accept my seat in the mail Friday afternoon, so they must have received it by now!!!
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    Hi Jan286 I received your inbox message but it won't let me respond so I'm replying on here.
    I have the teas manual, I just never looked at it much lol but this time around I'm going to study that thing until I get a 90 on the teas!! I'm taking it over in July. Also I am retaking chemistry over for the fall. I had a C so I'm going for an A. I've never took micro yet, that is another class I signed up for for the fall and lifespan development. If I get all A's in all 3 classes my gpa will be a 3.54. Hopefully that will be good enough for next years program!
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    NU101 is on my blackboard now (although, it is empty) )) Any other colleges? NV also finally put the professors up! Orientation is on Tuesday! Super duper excited!
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    Hey jan286, did you get my response to your pm? If not I'll send it again. My pm folder doesn't show messages I've sent, only ones received so im not sure if I even successfully sent it to you lol.
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    From a while ago?
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    It was from the 17th. I just sent another response, I don't know why my pm folder is so messed up.
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    I am curious to see what the stats were of people accept to the community college RN program. I am an LPN, and finished up my prereqs...
    TEAS 80.2%
    General Biology I - B-
    General Chem I - A
    A&P I - A
    A&P 2 - A
    Microbiology A
    Introduction to computers- C
    College Algebra A
    Composition B
    Lit & Comp A
    Nutrition A
    Psychs - A and A-
    Sociology A-
    Humanities A-
    Art B+
    Communications A-
    GPA 3.56.... Should I retake the computers course? Or is this sufficent? I am retaking the teas, I took it years back and earned in the top 10%..this one I did not do so well, top 20%.
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    Some of those will not count towards your nursing GPA. They only take the classes that are required for their program, so don't count gen bio, nutrition, and only count 1 elective. Your stats are good tho! Are you applying this fall? If so, you could re-take the computer course in the fall so you have something to do.

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