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Good morning! I am a current LPN working on pre-requisites for application to the CCC-NP for Fall 2013! I'm taking most of my courses at Holyoke Community College and hope to transfer to Northwestern Connecticut Community... Read More

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    Complete the required general education courses of the first year of the CT-CCNP with a grade of C or higher (BIO*235, PSY*111, PSY*201 & SOC*101)."

    Yes, you need everything done just like you are applying for the regular RN program. They then just start you two semesters later.

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    I got an email back from the Director of the Program. She said my Stats would be fine but that it needs to be completed before the Feb 1st deadline. She also said I didn't need the Human Development for application, I just need it to be completed before starting 3rd semester for the bridge. So, I will take Stats in the Fall and Human Development in the Spring and am now back on schedule. I think.
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    Hey HelenaHandbasket! I just read your question and wanted to suggest something. Have you ever heard about the CLEP exam??? look it up! there are some classes that you can test out and get college credits for it! I'm interested in taking the College Algebra Test, instead of taking the class! It costs only about $95 at Naugatuck Valley community college (that's where I"m starting nursing school this fall). it's a great idea! NVCC accepts up to 6 credits that you can test out, and you would get 3 credits for the College Algebra Test. So...if you're good enough to pass the test, do that instead of taking the college algebra class, that way you're not late with the math class for applying in february. and you can still take statistics later on! good luck an please let me know what you decide to do! just go on the NVCC (or any CT comunity colleges and type CLEP exam in the search box. it should show up).
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    hi, was hoping to apply for the 2013 program had a couple pre-req still needing to be finish. curious on how the process was in transitioning classes from another degree program? i understand sciences classes have a six year window. i heard however, can be difficult in regards to other classes as well. for instance intro to psychology course heard they challenged someone who had a masters in psychology from a state college in the area. i figure knock out all the classes need done and then apply for the program see what happens. best of luck
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    Chemistry is a co-req to A&P I, which means it can be taken before, or with A&P I, but must be completed at the same time.
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    Hi CT Pixie - Where did you take Microbiology? I'm looking to take Microbio during Winter Intersession.
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    Quote from CT Pixie
    BTW, I started at St Vincent's in the Summer 2011 session taking my Chem class. I was able to transfer my English, Psych 1 & II, sociology and world religons (yup, catholic school requires that as a 'core' class).

    In the Fall 2011 I took A&P I, College Algebra and Ethics (after successful completion of the A&P I had met all the pre-reqs require by my school to take the Charter Oak online class).

    Winter Intersession I took Microbiology.

    The Spring 2012 semester I took A&P II, the Charter Oak online course and my 'home school's 1 credit course.

    Summer 2012 I'm taking World History to meet my humanities elective. At this point, I've done ALL the non-nursing courses for the ADN program and can fully concentrate on only taking the nursing classes. I'm tossing around the idea of taking a couple more courses during our second summer session to apply toward the RN to BSN courses I'll have to do once I become an RN.

    I begin the nursing classes in late August 2012 and have an anticipated grad date of May 2013.

    Hi CT Pixie - Where did you take Microbiology? I'm looking to take Microbio during Winter Intersession.
    Thank you!
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    Quote from linderx
    Hi CT Pixie - Where did you take Microbiology? I'm looking to take Microbio during Winter Intersession.
    Thank you!
    At St Vincent's College in Bridgeport.
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    Hey everyone! Took the Teas V last week and got 85.3%. Cant decide whether or not to retake it or not and just apply now. Wondering if you think that score is competitive enough?
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    I think that's an awesome score! It should say your percentile on your report.

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