Fairfield University accelerated BSN

  1. I was curious if anyone has any experience with Fairfield's accelerated program. I've heard a lot about the other accelerated programs (like SCSU, Quinnipiac, and UCONN's MEIN), however very little has been said about Fairfield. If anyone has had any experience with the school or the program, I would love to hear about it.
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  3. by   INN_777
    Sorry, don't have any insights for you, but I am also wondering about the Fairfield program. Anybody any experience studying or applying there?

    Thanks in advance.
  4. by   rgr22
    I know that in the north-east, Fairfield U's nursing program has a good name and I know a few current RNs that went through the traditional program. I would only assume that the quality of education would follow to their second-degree program.
  5. by   INN_777
    I met with ------ the BSN Director at Fairfield, and attended their open house. I have to say, after attending quite a few similar open houses, I was very impressed, not only by how professional and knowledgeable their staff and faculty were, but also by the friendly upbeat atmosphere. You feel welcome there. Both my friend and I applied. Waiting now. UCONN MEIN still continues to be my first choice for many reasons, but I really like what I saw and heard of the Fairfield program.
  6. by   INN_777
    Curious if anybody is applying/has applied to this program? I applied in August. They said they will make the decision even if all prerequisites are not complete. Any sense for when/how they communicate decisions?
  7. by   futurnurse16
    hi everyone, i just applied for the ABSN for 2015 has anyone applied too or want to applied? or has anyone heard of the school or went to the school
  8. by   ambitiousRN2be
    I also applied to Fairfield University's Accelerated Program . Have you heard back from them yet ?

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