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Hello! Current or previous students who have experience in the CT Community Colleges RN program! I am starting this thread looking for advice you can give all of us newly accepted students who will... Read More

  1. by   Nikki819
    Quote from Jennifer14
    Does anyone know if white sneakers are allowed? I was thinking maybe all white new balance. Someone thought no logos are allowed. I'd be interested if anyone has info on uniforms. Thanks!
    I have no idea but i'm assuming sneakers are allowed as long as they are all leather with no mesh or airholes. Think of it this way, if you get "spooge" on your shoe it shouldn't leak into it and soak your socks. It would make sense you should also be able to clean it with approved bloodborne pathogen killer chemicals without it leaking into the shoe as well (or damaging the material). 2nd biggest concern is if you accidently drop a sharp you won't stick your toe. I think keeping those two in mind you can't go wrong with looking for a shoe but I would wait until your school clarifies with what they approve you wearing.
  2. by   Jennifer14
    Thanks Nikki, You brought up some good points. It's probably best to wait for my orientation on May 25th. Thanks again for your input.
  3. by   JBMmom
    We are allowed all white shoes, no colored logos (although some people have a white pair of Sketchers with a light grey logo on them that is acceptable). They must be all leather, no mesh, and we cannot have any clog type or open back shoe.
  4. by   Nikki819
    Your welcome Jennifer14

    JBMmommy thanks for the info..would the program consider these clogs?

    they look like they have a closed back (but i'm not sure how deep the heel fits in them)
  5. by   mixy5446
    NIkki I was looking at the same ones! I am worried about ordering them online without trying them on though, does anyone know of any stores that sell uniforms and such? I went to life uniforms but their selection is extremely limited and pricey. I am having trouble finding places, even through the yellow pages, any suggestions would be great!
  6. by   CNAnursingstudent
    From experience, if you live in the waterbury area, check out 'Connecticut Uniforms' on watertown aveune, right next to the friendlys for scrubs. I've gotten my allied health scrubs there before and currently getting my CNA uniform there as well. Can't remember any prices but they have a selection of colors and types for whatever meets the criteria. Hope that helps!
  7. by   Mystikdaze When I was a CNA I would order from them... good selection of scrubs at a good price.
  8. by   Mystikdaze
    Answer to immunization questions: TRCC requires a blood titer done to determine if you need boosters of childhood immunizations such as: MMR, Chicken Pox, TDAP, and the other required vaccines/tests are Hep B series, PPD test, and flu shot (this is what's on my physical form). I got my blood drawn last week for the titers and I go in tomorrow to start what ever boosters etc. that I need. (hope that gives you a head start if you didn't get the info yet. your school might be different)... does anyone know what the uniforms will be and what part, if any, can be purchased outside of the college? Meaning, can we just purchase the shirts at the college and purchase the pants, warm-up jacket etc. elsewhere? Also, I noticed that one post said that the books for the first semester had a $1000.00+ price tag. Do any of these books carry through the whole program? such as Tabers Med. Dictionary, (random guess, I'm assuming that we need it)... we only need one right? They don't publish a new edition ever year for that one do they? I ask because I don't want to work all summer getting together the $$$ for books only to find out that I only have the winter break to find another $1000.00 for the second semester's books... (college books are such a sucker punch at the register!)...Thanks for any answers
  9. by   whales
    Scrubs warehouse in Rocky Hill is great!
  10. by   JBMmom
    Mystikdaze- I think I remember that you were going to TRCC, correct? The uniforms for that program are purchased through Alexander's Uniforms in Norwich, it's close to the school. They know which tops and pants are acceptable (white pants, navy top), and they have the patches that have to be embroidered on them. It took about two weeks to get mine, I got two sets and I think it was around $85. As I mentioned before I would have skipped the jacket if I knew I'd never wear it, but maybe I will next semester.

    As for books. For N101 they had a bundle package that included the Fundamentals of Nursing and Basic Clinical skills book as well as two on-line resources. I think that set came to $380 or so. The Fundamentals book is the major book for the semester, we've also used it in second semester, but not quite as much. The Clinical skills book is also heavily used the first semester and beginning of the second. However, we never used one of the on-line resources at all and the other was good for some on-line tests, but not necessarily vital. You might be able to find the books cheaper on-line. The Brunner's textbook of medical surgical nursing is used a little bit in first semester, but it's been the major text for second semester. You'll need a Davis Drug Guide, although mine it three years out of date and still fine. Some of the other books they recommend are nice, but I don't think they're as important. There's a nursing diagnosis book, Mosby's for lab tests and there's also a Mental Health Book that is used throughout all four semesters that you may or may not want to invest in. For second semester there are the L&D and pediatrics books, but that's the only new thing I remember. For anyone worried about the tests, there is a Fundamentals success test book that many people used last semester and found extremely helpful.

    Just a note about the uniforms. If anyone has a tattoo, it is absolutely required that your tattoo be covered at all times during clinical. This might require long sleeve shirts under your uniform (only white is allowed), some people have to wear their clinical jacket all the time because of tattoos. You cannot have a piercing other than a single stud in your earlobe, and you cannot have hair color that is not naturally occurring (it doesn't have to be your natural hair color, but it has to be natural for someone to grow).
  11. by   mixy5446
    Looks like I will be wearing long sleeves, and removing some steel ;-)
  12. by   ORnurseCT
    Does anyone know what Gateway wears?
  13. by   mixy5446
    Hi everyone,
    I posted this on the other thread as well.
    I went and registered for Nursing 101 today at Capital. What you need to bring with you is proof that you completed AP2 and your final grade. They will NOT enroll you until you have that done. You have until orientation to register, which for Capital is June 7th. If you do not register before June 7th, you seat will be forfeited. They will also ask for proof that you are registered for Microbiology or have already taken it. They also want you general psych requirement which they should be able to pull up from your transcripts you had sent in already. Also, make sure you have completed your FAFSA and have gotten your award letter from your school already. If you are unsure if you have received that yet, it will be on your mycommnet under the financial aid tab. If your FAFSA has not yet been received by the school you will have to pay registration fees when you register, just a heads up.
    Spachild had posted some info earlier regarding Capital, and I think her responses from the school came right from an FAQ handout I picked up today. She covered most of the important details regarding the nursing program and class schedules. there was one question on here that may help clarify our inability to choose our clinical. Q: "DOES A STUDENT SELECT CLINICAL SCHEDULES? A: NO. The clinical assignments are made by the course leader of the particular semester.
    Also this FAQ hand out recommends not working more then 20-24 hours a week to accommodate classes and adequate time for studying... That would feel like being on vacation!
    I hope this helps some of you!