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Hello, I just got accepted into vinal tech lpn program starting in jan 2011. did anyone else get into the program? If not, did anyone just graduate from the program? i need all the info i can get. This my first step to becoming... Read More

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    Quote from Toni0929
    Hello all,
    Hope everything is going well. How is everyone liking all the smow days we have had? I am kinda enjoying it cuz it gives me time to catchup on my reading for school. It is a lot of reading but I will get use to it.
    I was thinking the same thing, although it means we have more to cram in before we go to clinicals, Im so excited though because we start labs this week, and all next week . although we have our first two exams next week.

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    I must say, I love it! I love nursing school. Am not sure when my first exam is because I don't have to take psy and bio..i hope you guys are enjoying it too. Am tired of the snow days.
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    Hello all,
    how is it going so far. I have a lot to read and a test to study for. We don't start clinicals until april. Please reply back and let me know how it's going. Take care
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    We have our first big exam next week, we actually have four tests next week: Med Terms, Healthcare and delivery, then of course fundamentals: Infection control, environment and ergonomics, protective devices. Plus our bio exam. im loving what we are learning, and wished we were further, but due to the snowstorms we had to miss a couple of days and are consequently behind. Good luck on your exam,
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    hi all. I hope you guys are doing great. School is good but I hate that I have to go all those days. I can't wait to start clinicals..what about you guys
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    Im doing fabulous!!! Im really enjoying myself, we start clinicals in a few weeks(after spring break) and I can't wait. i was kinda disappointed to find out this semester we can't pass meds, but now I really can't wait for the fall!!!
    Im cramming (not really ) for my tests next week in pharm, med math, and fundamentals. How is school going so far for you?
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    am doing well in class. Did you take an exam on assessment yet? That's my next exam and I think it's going to be hard.
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    hello all. Did any of you start clinicals?
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    Us at Lincoln Tech in New Britain started clinical Friday.
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    oh ok. How is it. Where is ur clinicals?

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