Connecticut LPN to RN Programs?

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm currently an LVN in California, but I also have my LPN license in the state of Connecticut. I'm looking to move to Connecticut (around the Southington area) and was hoping if someone could clue me in as to what decent LPN to RN programs are available. I'm interested in both ASN and BSN programs. I'm aware of what can be found with a simple google search but I'd like to hear from someone who isn't trying to "sell" me their program. Please if anyone can help, I'd be incredibly grateful.

    Thank you!

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    All the CC's have an LPN to RN bridge. Google Connecticut Community Colleges Nursing Programs & it should bring you to the info.
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    Ditto what Princess said, all the CC's have the bridge program.

    Can't really help more than that as I live in the Southwestern Corner of CT (Fairfield/New Haven County). Sorry.
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    How it works is that you apply to the individual RN programs here in CT (i.e. Goodwin, Capital Community College, etc.) and then once you get your letter of acceptance into the respective RN program then either you, or the school that accepted you, signs you up for the LPN to RN bridge program course that is administered by the Charter Oak State College ( ). It's a 4 credit course that will allow you to skip the classes Nursing 100 + 101 and land you directly into Nursing 200. Hope this helps.

    P.S. - I live in the Southington area and it is a great area! It's central location in the state makes it easy to get to anywhere in CT.
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    Is there one in particular that you know of...on top of your head?
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    Go to Three Rivers!

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