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Hi All, I thought I would start a new topic for those of us who are planning to apply to BHSN's Nursing program for the Fall 2013. I will get things started with my stats (which aren't... Read More

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    HighlyBlessedRN: please give us some insight into the program.

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    Hi, I got my acceptance letter this week. I am so excited and I can't wait to start. This is my first post. I have been reading these boards though as I have been doing pre-requisites and during the application process. Best wishes to all still waiting!
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    Congrats Elizabeth! We'll see you in the Fall!
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    elizabeth76: Congrats!!! MarcusPaxton: I am missing a reference letter that was supposed to have been sent back on Jan. 10th, and my Gateway transcript, which they say they never got, that I requested Gateway send out in December! I am going to get this info out as soon as possible, and I hope it doesn't prevent my application from being reviewed! I was in this same position last year, and I can't do this again this year.
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    JaRoJoCT: On their website, it said you only had until Feb 28 to get all your materials in.
    Have you talked to someone at BHSN about it?
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    [FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]JaRoJoCT, I would definitely talk to BHSN since you did not get the letter to check the status of your application until after the deadline. I wish you luck. I, and I am sure everyone on this board, know how much of your heart and hard work goes into completing the pre-requisites just on the hope and faith that you will get into a program. All the best in getting it all straightened out.
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    JaRoJoCT: It's Monday and I'm hoping you called BHSN this morning. Please keep us posted.
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    MarcusPaxton: I didn't get a chance to talk to them today. I sent an email over the weekend, but I will call tomorrow. I'm a little reluctant to call, bcuz I don't really want to hear any bad news, and I want to get all my ducks in a row before I call. But I will definitely keep you guys updated. Thanks for caring, man. I really appreciate it.
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    Hi everybody! I sent my app to BHSN on the last day possible! (Feb, 1st) and I got my acceptance letter last monday - Mar, 4th
    So Happy!!!! I'm still taking CHE 111 at NCC, and I plan on taking A&P I and II during Summer at Housatonic.
    Congrats to everybody who got accepted!
    Hope to meet you guys soon!
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    Quote from MarcusPaxton
    Oops, made a mistake! My status changed in December to "Under Review" and I got my acceptance letter on January 18th.
    I have already got my acceptance letter, but my status online still "under review" So I guess they dont aways update it.

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