BHSN: Applying to Bridgeport Hosp for Fall 2013 - page 5

Hi All, I thought I would start a new topic for those of us who are planning to apply to BHSN's Nursing program for the Fall 2013. I will get things started with my stats (which aren't... Read More

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    By the way thank u and good luck to all accepted and those waiting. Those who didn't get in don't give up on your dreams.
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    Thank you HighlyBlessedRN for your feedback. We appreciate it.
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    I feel like there sending out all accepted first then unaccepted, I'm trying to stay positive but its so hard!
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    Thank you HighlyBlessedRN!
    If you don't mind me asking you, did you work on the healthcare field before/during school? If not, when did you get a job on the field?
    Thanks again!
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    I worked in healthcare before and during school. During school I worked in a hospital. When i graduated with my bachelors i worked for a private dr, before moving to the hospital setting.
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    No problem Marcus and goodluck wannab. I don't think they do it that way, knowing them they are probably still reviewing
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    HighlyBlessedRN are there any books or references that you would suggest reviewing before starting the program. I was thinking about trying to learn some relevant vocabulary and starting to practice the medication math before starting. Any advice would be appreciated
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    If u have to do anything i would review math. There is a math assignment assigned before school starts. If u can i would go over a&p now just so u can have a strong foundation for 104 (1st med surge) in january. We lost a lot of students in that course. Other than that 101 and 102 are easy basic things u don't need to review ahead of time. Best wishes
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    HighlyBlessedRN: Thank you for the great info. Good luck in your future as a nurse. MarcusPaxton: I rushed the last reference letter to the school, and they updated that they received my Gateway transcript. I have one more document that might be a problem for me, because it is out of my control. But I will stay positive, and if it's meant to be then it will be. Vivinursingstudent: Congrats! You must be well excited!
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    HighlyBlessedRN: When you say Math, what should we focus on? Is it conversions? Formulas? Are you allowed to use calculators?
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    Hey everyone!! Just to give an update, still no response from Bhsn! I have even emailed admissions and I have left a message. No return phone call or email, soo I am starting to think that they send out acceptance letters first and then the denials. That's the only thing that would explain people getting acceptance letters before people that put it in earlier. I'm pretty much over it now ! Waiting to here back from my other schools smh. Frustrated me
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    Hi Everyone! Congrats to those who have gotten in and don't lose hope to those who haven't heard back yet. I have been waiting forever, reading these boards, doubting myself. But I got my acceptance letter yesterday! So excited to start! Nice to meet you all
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    Jessica77: That is awesome!!! Congrats!!

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