BHSN: Applying to Bridgeport Hosp for Fall 2012 - page 7

Hey everybody, That time of year is coming soon... Anyone else out there applying to BHSN this fall? Best of luck to all! :up:... Read More

  1. by   NurseLCoop
    I'm very familiar with fafsa from applying fo college each year and they notify you about all your loan info . And if you listed bpt hospital on your fafsa you can call bpt and theyll have your info...i recently called 2months ago and asked all that good info and a woman was glad to help me in the financial aid dpt at bpt hospital just give em a call !
  2. by   nursingbean
    Hi everyone!

    I finally just found out today I was accepted! I applied back in november and have been waiting ever since. Cant wait to see you all in the fall!!
  3. by   altheawelsh
    I 'm so happy. I was wondering what happened with you
  4. by   nursingbean
    haha yea Ive just been waiting forever and getting very discouraged! but all thats over now... so happy!
  5. by   Rooskenator
    nurselcoop2b- thanks! i will give her a call this morning!

    nursingbean- congratulations!!!!
  6. by   nursingbean
    thank youu!! when do we get our packets about the rest of the information for the school?!
  7. by   itsalladreamct
    [color=#ee82ee]i have been waiting on a letter from the school in what seems like forever. i pray that i get in. i graduate with my bachelor's in a few weeks and although i am excited, im so worried about bhsn letter.
  8. by   BenjaminV
    Hey everyone! Just got back from a great vacation in AZ to find out some even better news! I got my acceptance letter last week while I was gone, yippeeeeeeeeee! Looks like I'll be seeing you all in the Fall!
  9. by   Pre-nursingstudent
    Congratulations to everyone who got in and hopefully we get to know each other in the fall!!!!!
  10. by   smg08009
    I got my acceptance letter last Friday. Congratulations to all my future classmates!!! Can't wait to meet you!
  11. by   BenjaminV
    Can someone who has the link to the financial aid page please send me the link. I was looking through the thread and unable to find it (maybe it was removed)? The contact information at BHSN would be much appreciated as well!
  12. by   SSStill
    Got my letter last week and brought the acceptance letter and $150 check(ouch) today IN PERSON to the school. I live just a mile away and didn't want to take any chances with it. Looking forward to seeing you guys this September. I have friends that have gone through it already. First semester's not too bad, just stick with it and put in the time every day. It doesn't start to get hairy until the 2nd semester! :flamesonbLooking forward to seeing you all there.

    BenjaminV, here's the link to the Federal financial aid website. Hope this helps. BTW, you need to have the application to the Fed in by May 1st for the Fall semester, so do it by Monday!
    Home - FAFSA on the Web-Federal Student Aid
  13. by   SSStill
    p.s. for all you other 2012 male nurses (murses), this is a GREAT poster I got off this site!