BHSN: Applying to Bridgeport Hosp for Fall 2012 - page 5

Hey everybody, That time of year is coming soon... Anyone else out there applying to BHSN this fall? Best of luck to all! :up:... Read More

  1. by   NurseLCoop
    Well, I plan on taking a CNA course this april (3weeks) just for the healthcare experience...but it is free . I wouldnt suggest you take it if it is expensive and the only thing you look to gain from it is the can always shadow an RN. And as far as going into it blindly , there really is no way of prepping for the nursing part until you know what the school is like. CNA training is pretty basic and the general. I see the CNA training to be nothing but beneficial in the fact of gaining the experience. Something that may be more beneficial for the nursing would be going for pharmacy tech working in that environment getting familiar with different drugs and what they are used for. This will help during the pharmacology nursing courses maybe. Im not going to be a hypocrit and tell you not to take the CNA training, because I am...only cause its free lol. But if its going to cost you alot of money and your already gonna be paying for nursing school , i wouldnt :/Good Luck in your decision though!
  2. by   altheawelsh
    I was contemplating taking the course too but then there are other more important things like doing the CPR course with Red Cross that i am almost sure we are going to need. I know that it was a requirement to do the CPR. i'm super excited and I am wondering if I am weird but I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy want o get another letter with date for orientation, and uniform, and book, and lunch schedule, and....- lol. I'm an idiot I think, lol. By the way congrats to all those that got in and if you didn't get a letter yet, DO NOT give up. For those of us who made it, remember that this is just the first hurdle and the ones that are coming are going to be difficult to jump so I have started going over all my A&P and other related subjects while I wait.
  3. by   allforthekidds
    @NurseLCoop2B thanks for the reply. I didn't realize there were free cna courses, maybe I'll look into that. I know the training is only a small part of what we'll be doing in nursing school, I just would like to get a feel for the hands on stuff. I talked to my sister in law last night, she became an RN last year and she told me it wouldn't be worth the money either, so if I can't find a place that trains for free, I'll just skip it

    @alltheawelsh thanks for reminding me about the cpr, once I'm done with this semester I'll go and take that course. I can't wait for the orientation pack either. I need to know the schedule asap,lol. With 5 kids, I need to have a daycare plan in place before spots get filled up. It would just be care for the mornings, since classes will be early and I won't be able to get them on the bus, they are going to LOVE leaving the house super early.
  4. by   NurseLCoop
    The cpr training is also free , through ARMS in ansonia CT ...i took it as a senior its expired. They only hold them every now and then though, you have to call and ask when the next time they are holding them and the day you can register. Whenever that is make sure you call immediately...they fill up fast lol
  5. by   allforthekidds
    Thanks, I'll look into that. I'm also looking into ARC, they have many dates to choose from and the fee isn't too bad.
    Anyone going to the open house Apr 18th? I'm hopefully going(kids start sports around this time, fun stuff) since I haven't even seen the school yet, nor do I know where it is, other than in Bridgeport,lol.
  6. by   Rooskenator
    I want to go to the open house too. Hopefully I am off work that day.

    And no, you're not weird for wanting another letter. I want one too It makes me nervous that we don't get some sort of letter back saying they received your check & form, etc and that you are good to go.

    C'mon, late May!!! No one knows whether they got day or night yet, right?
  7. by   allforthekidds
    I was nervous too that my form and check wouldn't make it to them. When the check was cashed a few weeks later I felt much better,lol.
    I stated on my app that I wanted days, so I hope that is what I got. I'm tired of taking evening classes and look forward to days for once. Since I have five young kids, days wasn't ever a choice for me, but now that my youngest will be starting kindergarten in the fall, days would be awesome.
  8. by   Pre-nursingstudent
    After all of that waiting, I finally found out I got in!!!! Thanks everyone for your support, and I'll see you all in the fall!
  9. by   allforthekidds
    Awesome, Congrats!!
  10. by   joneykaden89
    Congrats Pre-nursingstudent, and everyone else that has been accepted into the fall program for 2012--- I got my acceptance letter a few days ago as well I've been reading everyone's posts for months...Feeling so blessed right now, and for those still waiting and not posting cause you're too nervous like me, stay positive. Best of luck to you all...
  11. by   allforthekidds
    Congrats joney
  12. by   allforthekidds
    Does anyone know if CLEP courses are transferable to bhsn? I haven't taken sociology yet and would really like to clep it if I could, would save me a lot of money and time.
  13. by   nursing4811
    Hello everyone! I just got my letter saying I was waitlisted wondering if anyone knows if you even get in on the waitlist or am I waiting on false hope?