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Hey everybody, That time of year is coming soon... Anyone else out there applying to BHSN this fall? Best of luck to all! :up:... Read More

  1. by   ddt07001
    [FONT=tahoma]I'm graduating UConn in May. I'm not going to put my exact stats on the forum but trust me you have a high chance. I had a BAD situation and I was accepted! Your TEA score and GPA are actually way better than mine. I did have strong pre-req grades, so make sure you continue to do well in your courses (you will probably get accepted before they are complete though) I believe I was accepted because through my strong essay and resume they could see I was determined and committed to becoming a Nurse despite some setbacks in my academic career. I believe that you will be accepted! Just keep faith. I did!!
  2. by   Pre-nursingstudent
    Thanks for the confidence! I'm just so nervous that there aren't many spots left and only the top scorers will get in now! We'll see what happens. Thanks for sharing though! I just want to know right now whether I got in! haha But I'll stay positive until I get a letter from them!
  3. by   allforthekidds
    YAY, Congrats Rooskenator!! Have you been to the school yet? I haven't been yet, but plan on going to the open house in April.
  4. by   Rooskenator
    Nope, haven't been yet either.

    Pre-NursingStudent: I think you have a pretty good shot at getting in. As far as all the spots being taken, I had some issues with transcripts & AP scores making it there & was VERY nervous about the same thing. As of Feb 16th when I spoke to them, only 31 spots had been filled. There is still hope.

    And if you don't get in, it won't be the end of the world. (Although it DOES seem that way.) I didn't get in last year & even had my parents say "well, it must not be meant to be! oh well" pft! I busted my butt, studied, took Chem over again because I had the EXACT same situation as you with a C+ in a very hard Chem, got an A the next time around, applied again & got in.

    Keep your chin up. I don't think it's out of the question that you will get in and even if you don't, there is always next year. If you want it badly enough, you WILL make it happen. Chin up!! Let us know as soon as you hear something.
  5. by   BenjaminV
    Hey! My name is Ben and I have applied to BHSN for the fall 2012 start. They have had my application for a while but I just took my TEAS V this past Saturday. Got an 85.3%, I feel pretty good about that. My undergraduate GPA isn't the best, here is how I have done on the prereq course list. I am a CNA and I do have some really great references.

    English Composition: B
    Chemistry, 4 credits, with lab: B
    Anatomy & Physiology I, 4 credits, with lab: B
    General Psychology: B+
    Anatomy & Physiology II, 4 credits, with lab: In progress
    Child Psychology & Development: in progress (Lifespan)
    Microbiology, 4 credits with lab A-
    Principles of Sociology: C+
    Public Speaking or Human Communications: C
    Elective: Navajo Language Class A

    I'm wondering what you guys think about my chances of getting in? Someone mentioned that only 31 spots have been filled as of yet? I would be really surprised if that was the case, I mean the lions share of applicants have already applied and gotten all their stuff in. I'm going to fax them over a copy of my unofficial transcript with my most recent grades and courses in progress tomorrow just to make sure they have it.
  6. by   allforthekidds
    Hi Ben, I'm not sure how they weigh things at BHSN, your TEAS score is awesome though:spin: Good luck and I hope they don't make you wait too long!!
  7. by   NurseLCoop
    Hey Ben, and Pre-Nursing Student,

    I think you guys have a really good chance of getting in BHSN! I was recently accepted into the program and I had a very good background from high school as far as my sports, clubs and outside interests. I had a strong essay and some really awesome references, which I believe helped a lot! I haven't yet received a degree from my University, but I've taken most of the necessary courses. My GPA wasn't that strong but clearly there was something about me that made me a good candidate for the program. This was my first time applying and the only school I applied to. My credentials are as listed:

    Teas Exam: 76.0
    GPA: 3.2

    A&P I:B
    A&PII: In progress
    History101: B
    Kinesiology: B
    IntroBible: B
    IntroLaw: A
    French 101:A
    French 102: A
    Sociology: In progress

    Hopefully this helps
    Also I applied in late December
    But my application was processed in January!
  8. by   Rooskenator
    Ben, I think you have a pretty good shot at getting in too. I saw on last year's thread that a LOT of people didn't get acceptance letters until March. Fingers crossed for you & let us know the second you hear something!!!
  9. by   BenjaminV
    Thanks for all the support guys! I've got my fingers crossed too - I would be ecstatic to be in the program with all of you. I figured about a month to hear back either way, I already have a friend that got in and she said that is about how long it took. I will most definitely post what happens either way :-)
  10. by   Rooskenator
    Took me just about a month to hear back too. GOOD LUCK!!!
  11. by   Pre-nursingstudent
    Thanks, guys for all the encouragement!! Every day the anticipation just gets worse and worse! I've been waiting for about a month now and still NOTHING! I called yesterday, and they said that my application was still in review. They also said that the process could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks from the time your application goes into review so that might mean I have to wait ANOTHER month to find out!! But no worries...I'll keep my head up and hope for the best! One of my friends got their letter of acceptance almost 2 weeks ago and they took the same test date as me! I'm just really sick of waiting :-/
  12. by   primaaka
    Hopefully everyone hears something within the next week or 2, I personally know someone that is waiting to hear back from BHSN and it is a bit nervewrecking........
  13. by   allforthekidds
    Ok, I have been contemplating taking a CNA course this summer before starting nursing school. I have not worked (well, I have been a stay at home mom, but that doesn't count) in over 12 years and I have only worked in a health care setting once when I was 17, I was a helper to the CNA's. I just feel really nervous and would like to get my feet wet so to speak before school starts. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to go into things blindly, and that is how I feel. At least if I take this course(very expensive course) I will have some sort of feel for what to expect. Does this sound like a good idea? Does anyone else feel the same as me?