BHSN: Applying to Bridgeport Hosp for Fall 2012

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    Hey everybody,

    That time of year is coming soon... Anyone else out there applying to BHSN this fall?

    Best of luck to all!
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    Good luck I will be starting in Sept =)
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    Good Luck! I will be sending in my application Sept. 1st, the first day to send it in!
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    i'm applying as well...good luck
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    I am! Do you know what version of the TEAS they want this year? I took TEAS IV at GW last year and scored pretty well, but I know the CC's have all switched to TEAS V, which I've heard is substantially harder. I would love to use that TEAS IV grade!
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    i'm pretty sure it's the TEAS V
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    however, on their website it only says 4.0, taken within past 2 years, so you might be ok!
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    Any one applying to the Lpn to RN program before Sept. 1? Curious on how many Lpn, get excepted around this time frame.
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    I mean accepted.. Sorry
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    On their site it still says TEAS IV. I'm excited & nervous! Anyone already put their app in? I'm applying mid December.