BHSN: Applying to Bridgeport Hosp for Fall 2012 - page 11

Hey everybody, That time of year is coming soon... Anyone else out there applying to BHSN this fall? Best of luck to all! :up:... Read More

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    Try again smg08009, not there as of midnight Wed...

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    Arggg...I don't know why it isn't coming up in search. Can you inbox me your name and I'll add you?
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    I can't PM yet, I'm a noobie to this site. I need like 10 more postings to get that privelige. I'll do it by next week then PM you. Thanks
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    I found it and joined! Thanks for setting it up.
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    I looked but only found "... 2011". I will look again today. A few more posts and I'll be able to PM.
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    SSStill, I'm having trouble finding you on fb and I apparently can't reply to PMs yet to send you my info. I don't know if nursingbean has been online, but maybe try messaging her and she can add you?
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    Thanks smg... I think I did find it. It was "BHSN Technical <something> 2012". Either that or the "BHSN Powderpuff 2012" one, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't that! Appreciate the help.

    p.s. you can PM after you've posted 15 times.
    Last edit by SSStill on May 4, '12
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    I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, but here's the link to the group: Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing Fall 2012 Entry

    @SSStill: Yay! Only 5 more posts to go!
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    Thanks smg. 5 posts, woot woot!!
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    Hey nurse coop I can't send private messages for some reason, text me *****
    Last edit by Silverdragon102 on May 30, '12 : Reason: see next post

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