Applying this fall 2011

  1. Hello all! I am applying everywhere and to every single nursing school there is this fall... I just wanted some suggestions on where to apply, where are you applying.. if you are.. this fall, what you think are the best schools to apply to, if you are already accepted into a program this fall, where is it? Just some helpful insight would be wonderful! Dont care the price or how far, just want to see what my opitions can expand too! Thankyou for any advice!

    So far these are on my list...

    Community Colleges:
    -NVCC 1st choice
    -Northwestern 2nd choice
    -Norwalk 3rd choice

    -Bridgeport School of Nursing

    -Quinnipac... That's a maybeeee, I mean 50k a year...Eeekk!
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  3. by   CJ223
    I don't know anything about the other schools... but NWCC in Winsted doesn't start until the following spring. (So if you apply Fall 2011, you wont start classes until Spring 2013). This one is also nights and weekends, and goes through the summer.

    I'd say apply to whichever school is closest commute for you. Remember that your clinicals aren't AT the school, and what if they are an hour away from the school in the OPPOSITE direction? Keep all of those things in mind as you chose where to apply.

    Also look into the class sizes, times, etc and see which one would work best for YOU.
  4. by   CNAnursingstudent
    Thankyou for the advice!! I really appreciate it!! Good things to keep in mind when applying!!
  5. by   Rooskenator
    I'm waitlisted #39 at Gateway for this fall, so doesn't look promising. Going to apply to BHSN, CC's (but thinking of changing my 1st choice to something aside from GW b/c it's so competitive), Southern, and possibly St Vincent's.

    If I get accepted, I'm definitely leaning toward Bridgeport b/c of all the clinical experience and the fact that it is in an acute care setting. I have a BS already and will definitely go forward to get a BSN so the diploma vs ADN thing doesn't matter as much to me.

    I second above poster's comments about being careful about picking one far away b/c the commute could potentially be 2hours+

    Hope that helps!
  6. by   tnt714
    you should definitely check which schools are relatively close to you... i personally wouldn't recommend going more than an hour away from where you live.. it will get exhausting quick. between milage, gas prices, and the extra hours to get to class and back.. it is a lot. I go to St.V's which is 1/2 hour from where i live. BUT i always leave at LEAST an hour early incase there is traffic or bad weather (being late is not an option) then i need time to find parking etc. Also, i was going 5 days a week .. thats 250 miles a week.. by the end of the semester that really adds up. But besides travel, you need to see who is accepting applications and for when. Some schools like QU (i believe), have a deadline in march for the fall program (at least that was their deadline 2 years ago when i applied) ... and some schools have a program that start in the spring and the fall, some only begin in the fall.. so i would google CT programs and their websites will tell you everything you need to know about applying, deadlines, etc .. good luck
  7. by   CNAnursingstudent
    Thank you all! Its very helpful advice for everyone who is starting to apply this year! I wish you all good luck!! Cant wait to start applying
  8. by   3rdgenRN2B
    I'll be applying this fall at NCC. Can't wait! I started on this journey a very long time ago and cannot wait to finally send in my application.
  9. by   CNAnursingstudent
    3rdgenRN2B Good luck I hope you get in! This will be my 3rd year at NVCC because I need to stay a full time student. All I need to do is get a decent grade on the TEAS V! Love the qoute!

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