allowed to go to other Community College for R.N. program

  1. I need to know if I do all of my Prerequists at Gateway Community College for the R.N Program and if I dont get in, can I sign up at other Ct Community College who also run their R.N Program???
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  3. by   sweetface18
    every school is different. talk to a nursing advisor at the other school you may want to apply to.
  4. by   Taxminia0311
    My question is are you allowed to sign up for any other R.N Program at another Community College besides the one you attended to for you prerequists if you weren't excepted into their R.N Prgram??? and if so are you allowed to sign up for more that one choice of Community College that has the R.N Program... I know it sounds dumb to ask, but I need to know...Thanks
  5. by   nurse2be2008
    I took all of my pre-req's at Community College of Philadelphia and then decided to go to another Nursing School. You just have to make sure that the nursing schools you are applying to will accept the courses you have taken. Some schools are very picky and will only accept certain courses from a particular school. For example the nursing school I'm going to would only accept a Biochemistry course from CCP.
  6. by   jmspnt
    The only CC with the exact same prerequisites and entrance requirements as Gateway is Norwalk Community College. You would have to apply to the program separately from Gateway. The admissions director at NCC told me that they have more spots than Gateway so it is a little easier to get into. They have a day program and an evening program. Bridgeport Hospital School of nursing also has the same entrance requirements as Gateway so you might want to apply there as well. Naugatuck Valley CC is a little different- AP1 and AP2 need to be completed before you start and I think you have to had taken college math within the past 5 years. Hope this helps.
  7. by   xenogenetic
    I'm an LPN working toward RN and am taking my pre-requistes A&P1 (just completed this class this summer during summer session 1), A&P 2 & Microbiology (currently taking both now in summer session 2) at Bridgeport's Housatonic Community College. I have a lot of students in my class that took A&P and Micro at Norwalk Community College and got low grades and are retaking the classes HCC. They said the A&P + Microbio class difficulty level is like night and day from what they told me in comparison to the ones offered at Norwalk CC. They also told me that the labs at NCC were so disorganized that it made it tough to get through them. So the concensus that I get is Bridgeport and Gateway are the places to be for pre-req courses.

    A couple of students told me that the *online* open book Microbio class that Gateway offers is the one to take because it's so easy (have to register the night of it being available because it fills up by noon of the 1st day it's offered....funny, because I just overheard that today in lab before I read this post and was amazed that Micro was offered online.

    If you want to go somewhere for Micro, try to take it at Bridgeport with Professor Sandra Barnes. She gives you a review sheet and it corresponds to what she presents to you on the the test. She goes over the answers to the test in a 1 hr review session before she hands you the test. So goes very easy you and is 100% sweetheart with regards to her demeanor.

    Just thought I would chime in and offer my input for anyone thinking about taking pre-reqs in lower county Connecticut. HCC in Bridgeport has my vote.
  8. by   soontobern06
    I recently graduated from TRCC. The faculty there said that all the CC are going to be implementing the same exact program so that you would be able to transfer to another school if you moved, or needed to take a semester off or whatever. You can also look up the prereqs for each school and make sure you have them all. Good luck!
  9. by   oso
    Almost all CC will except the classes from each other. I did all my pre and co req at Gateway and Middlesex, but I am now in the Nursing program at TRCC. It is allways a good idea to talk to the councelors from the school you wish to attend.
  10. by   Ferrisk8
    i did all my prereqs at mxcc (i live in middletown) and then transferred them to gateway. i also applied to nvcc, but i found the commuting to waterbury very troublesome (construction on i-84), so i've chosen the gcc. i think that the staff is very friendly and helpful (but this is my own humble opinion). if i can only find a job in medical setting while being student nurse...
  11. by   soontobern06
    How about working as a student nurse intern. Yale and St Rapheals both offer positions. I did mine at Backus in the emergancy dept. and now working there as a RN. It really makes the transition a bit smoother and you really learn alot. I wasn't able to give meds, but I could draw them up and do nursing procedures (foley, ng tube, og tube, tube feeds etc). You may have to wait until December, because that is when orientation usually is for the hospitals. I highly recommend it! Good luck....
  12. by   LilyNHRN
    I am currently in my second year of a RN program at a community college, but when I was taking my prerequisites I applied to all 3 community colleges that were within driving distance to me. Some of the schools have different requirements for prerequisites but usually credits are transferable. Good luck!
  13. by   norwalk
    which colleges offer nursing in Fairfield County or lower CT?

    NCC, St. Vincent, Sacred heart, Gateway, Bridgeport, any others?
  14. by   gemini08
    There are 2 other schools in Fairfield Cty/Lower Ffld Cty: Fairfield & WCSU. Fairfield is such an expensive school unfortunately but the program is extremely very good though. I also know that Western's Nursing program is EXCELLENT!! I am very much considering WSCU myself but may have to get my ADN 1st mostly because I think I may have a better chance of getting into St. Vincent's program 1st w/out too long a wait. Just remember you can always get your BSN right afterwards and to make things even better, WCSU offers the RN-BSN in Waterbury which is so much better than driving to Danbury esp. if you live over an hour away!! I don't know where you are from but there are only 2 choices for Nursing programs I would most consider both in regards to the quality of program & also the cost and they definitely would include St. Vincent's & Western CT State Univ. I wish Fairfield was not as expensive as it is and of course the cost will only escalate in the future : ( Makes you wonder how many people will obtain their Nursing degrees in the future w/the costs being as they are. I wish you all the best! Sue