Advice on finding a job in CT

  1. Hello. I am a new graduate nurse currently living in VA and have been trying to make a move to CT. I am wondering if anyone can offer some insight about the job market there for new graduates. I have applied to several hospitals for new graduate programs but have not had any luck so far. Just wondering if anyone can offer some insight into what I need to do to catch a break in the market in CT.
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  3. by   SwampCat
    I have no advice to help you, just wanted to say that a lot of new grads are out pounding the streets trying to find a job with no luck. It seems to me that the best way to "catch a break" is to know someone at the facility you are applying. Welcome to CT and good luck finding a job!
  4. by   Bobbkat
    I have to echo the above sentiments. I relocated to CT from out of state as a new grad, and only made headway into the job market after some major networking and digging to find a contact in a hospital. Prior to that I applied and applied and applied to all sorts of facilities with no luck.
  5. by   Joella21VA
    Yeah I've pretty much accepted that I need some sort of connections...Think I know someone who knows someone so I'm working on it...
    Bobbkatt, did you obtain your CT license via endorsement prior to applying for jobs?