Admission to BHSON 2014

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    I recently submitted my application to Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing for this fall. Who is with me? I'm so excited yet nervous. I hope I get in. Anyone got and acceptance letter ye?

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    I recently submitted mine too, I haven't heard anything yet! I am super nervous as well!! I'm a little worried my GPA and teas may not be up there...3.1 and 74 on the teas, I have my CNA and EMT basic I'm hoping those help me out! If you don't mind me asking how are scores?! I wish you the best of luck! And hope you hear something soon!
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    Hi! I just applied on Monday. Eeeeek! I'm waiting for TEAS test dates. So anxious :/
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    I'm worried too my GPA is 3.6 but my Teas was a 70. I hope that my awesome recommendations and my essay will help them them pick me.. Are you guys under review yet. I have been since the 16. Keep checking on the website every 5 mins . :/ I hate the waiting period.
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    I sent my application back in September. It went under review the end of October and I still have not heard anything. I was told yesterday they are reviewing and I should hear something soon. ugh the wait is killing me.
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    Hey everyone! I just applied last Thursday "23rd". GPA 4.0. Teas V 69.. The Teas was a horrible exam.... Hopefully we will all get in and know soon!!!

    -- Does anyone know how long it takes to recieve your username/password, after you sent the application??
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    I think it takes about a week or so.
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    Thanks Futurenursetlc. I appreciate your response. I hope we get in, fingers crossed
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    Thanks Futurenursetlc. I appreciate your response. I hope we get in, fingers crossed
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    I also applied last Friday. I'm going in tomorrow for the Open House. anyone going?

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