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Hey all you soon to be and current nurses out there. I just received my acceptance letter for Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing. (wiping sweat from brow and letting out a sigh of relief). Has anyone else heard anything... Read More

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    join the club. I've emailed her twice because she said my letter would be here in 3-4wks.. I've got nothing.

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    I was told 4-6 weeks about 6 weeks ago so I called and she said it could be another 2 weeks.
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    I got a call today. I have been accepted to the school. I spoke to the director of the program just to review my transfer credits.
    Anyway she told me they would be calling people because the person who does the letters is on leave and they are falling behind in the letter writing..
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    I was accepted to Bridgeport Hospital.
    Can anyone tell me how they like it?
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    Hi All - Congrats to all of you accepted to BHSN. I too will be attending in the fall. My orientation session is on June 25th. I am looking so forward to starting school. Does anyone know what the NCLEX pass rate for BHSN is? Hope to meet everyone in September (or sooner)!

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