Working with an expired license

  1. Hi all, I have unfortunately discovered that my nursing license expired 4 months ago and I have practiced during that time. I have obviously notified my employer and the board of nursing but I am freaking out. Do any nurses in Colorado have experience with this? I am submitting an application for reinstatement but am concerned that I may lose my job...
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  3. by   klone
    You may well lose your job. I'm sorry - how did you not know?
  4. by   amartin73
    At the end of every year I check my credentials through our scheduler. My credentials listed my license being due 9/30/17 so I put it in the back of my head as something to think about in 6 months. Turns out my facility had another nurse listed under my credentials. They originally had my correct info but somewhere along the way it got changed by HR. Mine actually expired 9/30/16. I feel awful. This is not something that I ever thought would happen to me. I am super organized and have an exemplary record.
  5. by   LivinOnIce
    See article 12-38-123 (page 27 nurses practice act.pdf for Colorado). Board of Nursing: Laws, Rules and Policies | Department of Regulatory Agencies

    Because you turned yourself in, the board will likely hear your case and make a ruling. I advise speaking with an attorney for legal advice.