UNC Fall 2010

  1. I was floored to receive my acceptance into UNC's fall traditional nursing program yesterday. I wasn't expecting any kind of answer for weeks.

    I'm so grateful to be where I am now: working as a CNA at the hospital of my choice, volunteering with hospice and finishing up nursing prerequisites this spring. (UNC makes its last prerequisites beginning nursing courses, so I'm already studying pharmacology and pathophysiology.) I'm fulfilling a dream I've had for years, and I'm grateful to all the support that's brought me this close to it, including the support and valuable information I've found here on AllNurses.

    To those of you ahead of me on this path, you're inspiring. To those of you with me and behind me: may all our dreams come true, for us *and* for our future patients.

    Still in shock,

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  3. by   Sand_Dollar
    Congratulations Dina!!!
  4. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    Congrats!!!! I might see you around during my clinicals. I am FRCC I plan on doing the Bridge Program UNC has.
  5. by   Benedina
    Thank you both! I'm so pleased. Sand Dollar, I still have my fingers crossed for you--and I'm still hoping CU is the school you get!

    Mi Vida Loca, I'm sure we'll cross paths many times! Best of luck with your remaining classes and future plans.

  6. by   dreamwaves420
    Congratulations! Very exciting! I didn't think they would send decisions out so early. Has anyone else heard back? I haven't, which makes me nervous!
  7. by   aubreys mama
    Dina, congrats! I didn't even realize UNC had a fall start, I thought the ran may and jan matriculations. I applied for May 10 but with the change to the deadline I am pretty sure all my transcripts did not get in on time. Either way I will try again in Jan. Again congrats!~ leslie