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Suicide and Mandated Reporting?

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    I just recently got into nursing school and am finishing some prerequisite courses before I enter. One of these courses is an ethics course. I was prompted in this course with cases of euthanasia and suicide. I was wondering if anyone knows if there are mandated reporting laws regarding adult suicide for healthcare professionals, especially in Colorado. Thank You.
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    In general you will find that people here aren't going to do your homework for you. Have you tried googling?
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    Of course I have; I didn't get into nursing school without some initiative nor the ability to use my resources. My ethics course hardly cares about jurisprudence. This is for my personal knowledge as I do not ever want to be a part of a suicide. I was taught that proximity to a situation always equals responsibility for its outcome. With this in mind I would very much hate to live with the idea that I could have prevented a suicide (as depression is often recoverable) but decided not to infringe on someone's autonomy. A class discussion got me wondering about this. Besides, I would have to site legitimate sources if I was going to use this information for school anyway (good old APA).

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