starting pay for UCH new nurses

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    What's the starting rate for new nurses who works at University of Colorado Hospital? They don't post that kind of information online....
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    Like new grads? I think it's around $23.
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    $22.50 with a bump to $25 after you finish the program.
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    Surely there is something more? $42K/yr is crap! Or is that $22.50 just for the first 6 months? Not that $47K/yr is much better.
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    My understanding after talking to two nurses I work with who are currently in the new grad program, the bump in pay takes place after you finish the program, which takes a year.

    This is base pay, and doesn't include shift differential, which is significant. You also need to consider the really good benefits they offer, compared to other facilities.
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    23 p/h is the base starting pay over here too.

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