Nursing schools in the Denver area?

  1. 0 We recently moved to CO from NM. I am looking to apply to nursing school, but am a little overwhelmed at the choices here. Can someone give me a run-down of the schools in the area that have nursing programs? I've read through some other posts but the acronyms for the schools have me googling everything and I feel like I am going in circles now. Im looking to get my BSN in a traditional program (I have another associate degree, but not a bachelor) though I am not completely opposed to ADN programs.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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    We have several community colleges that offer ADN degrees (e.g. Arapahoe Community College) but many of them have waitlists or are currently working off their waitlists before accepting applications.
    The big names for BSN programs in the Denver area are CU, Regis, and Metro. Those are your top 4 year schools with very good reputation and programs. They are, however, also the hardest to get into (especially CU and Regis). You then have some more options such as Platt College, DSN (Denver School of Nursing), Concorde Career College, and NAU (National American University). These schools can get expensive, some do not have all accreditations (e.g. regional accreditation), but they can also be easier to get into.
    Not sure if there are more but you can always google..
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    Does Arapahoe work off a wait list? That is near where I live. I looked at CU and Regis, but from what I've read on here they are very tough to get into, though I think I'll apply to CU, Regis seems to pricey. I looked at Metro's website and from what it looked like it seemed they only did RN to BSN and an accelerated program for those with a prior degree, so I didnt even think that was an option for me.

    Thanks for replying! I had found the places you mentioned, but thought there were more I wasn't finding because of some posts Ive read. Thanks again.
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    Thank you! How has my google searches not turned that page up?! Thanks again!

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