New Graduate nurse moving to Denver - page 2

Hi everyone- I am a recent graduate nurse from the University of CT moving to Denver in January with my boyfriend. I am looking on advice on where to try applying that is best for new grads- I have... Read More

  1. by   Anikookar
    Thank you for this. Thats awesome! I too my self think this is the best way to go about getting a new grad job. Resume in hand, Dress to impress. Show them you want it. But my question to you is did you go during the application time? Or just any time?
  2. by   ez_rn
    As a new grad who moved here in 2014, I moved for a boy too. It took me almost a year post graduation (I took some time off between graduation and taking the NCLEX). It took me LOTS of applications, and one random person to have a connection at a hospital to get a job. When I started looking, it took me about 5 months to start.

    You can get a new grad job in home health pretty easy, but hospital is pretty hard. I'd not move until you have a year under your belt.
  3. by   mara74

    I am graduating from UCONN this December too from the CEIN program. Were you able to get a job in Denver? My husband is most likely getting a job there and I was hoping to apply to some new grad programs. If you did get a job in Denver, any tips on relocating from CT?

  4. by   uconnhuskies25
    I am starting the UConn CEIN program for 2017. I lived in Colorado Springs for 5 months and I absolutely loved Colorado! I volunteered at Memorial Hospital Colorado Springs while out there. I am wondering how y'all did with the job search in Colorado? Would love some advice from UConn grads! Plan on moving out there when I finish the program, hopefully Denver or Boulder. Colorado Springs is a bit conservative for me!