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Hello all! I am looking for some help and guidance from those who know about the RN job market in Colorado! I am a soon to be graduate from New York University! I have high expectations and aspirations for my career. I have... Read More

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    Great! Thanks for updating your original post. Congrats

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    Hey everyone!

    I know this is an old thread but I graduate next May and am strongly thinking about moving out to Denver. Is the job market there still as tough as it was three years ago? I know things a fluctuate quickly. I also noticed that some hospitals have new grad residency programs.. has any one participated in any of these and can give me some insight to how competitive they are are what they are like? NY2CO, any update on your career? are you still in CO? Thanks everyone!
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    CO is a desirable location and there are lots of nursing schools in the Denver area. This makes for a lot of competition to get into a new grad residency. I would get experience before making the move.
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    Try Wyoming or Kansas if you are dead set on the area. Get your experience then move to CO.
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