Moving to Ft. Collins, have some questions

  1. I'm moving to Ft. Collins in June. I'm an ED nurse with 3.5 years experience and my BSN, will have my CEN by then too if it matters.
    1) How is it working at UC Health Poudre Valley and other area hospitals? Anyplace to avoid, how are staffing ratios, etc.?
    2) I hear it's hard to get into Ft. Collins hospitals. I've read that some nurses commute to Cheyenne, Wy. Are there other cities within commutable distance I should be looking at for jobs? I don't mind driving as long as it's under an hour.
    3) How's the pay for experienced nurses?
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  3. by   klone
    Poudre Valley was bought out by UCH a few years ago. I would think that with 3.5 years experience, you should not have any difficulty finding a job. Other hospitals to look at would be McKee Medical Center (Banner, in Loveland), Med Center of the Rockies (UCH, Loveland), Longmont United (Centura, Longmont).
  4. by   nurse2033
    There are a ton of hospitals in the area. UC Health and Banner have a good old hospital arms race going on. They keep building into the other's catchment area. I would avoid Longmont, UC Health is building a new hospital in Longmont and will likely crush them. I've worked in 2 of these systems. Cheyenne is also an easy commute. Ratios are not mandated in Colorado but are reasonable. Most hospitals use 4-6 MS, 4 ED, 1-2 ICU, 2-3 Step-down. You should be able to get a job. Good luck.