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    I need help! My husband and I are considering moving to the Frisco,CO area (near Breckenridge) but we have looked at the cost of living there and it is crazy. He has his BSN and I am an LVN finishing up on my BSN. Houses, food, gas, and basically everything is so much more expensive there. What we were wondering is if the nursing income makes up for cost of living. I have been looking at jobs there but none list the salary. His income now is avg 68,000 a year and that is the low end and I am not working. Our house only cost us 65,000 for 3BR, 2 BA brick. So from what I am seeing is that the avg house up there costs 250,000-450,000. Is that right? Please help. We don't want to make the wrong decision.
    We live in TX now. Thanks!
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    You'll be lucky to find a house for that amount. SF is ridiculous when it comes to living conditions. My friend just bought a house there in Marin (outside the Bay area just across the Golden Gate Bridge) and paid just under a million for a 3bd/2ba/2gar that is about 1800 sq ft. It's a cute house, but not for a million bucks!!! I LOVE the Bay area and make frequent trips to visit (I'm near Lake Tahoe, which is only about 6 hours from SF) but I would never live there due to the high cost of living. Go check out this website and compare the city you are in now with SF....
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    Also check out to see pics and information on properties available. I'm sorry I can't tell you what the nice areas are in SF (except for Nob Hill...gotta have deep pockets to live there) but maybe someone here on the board lives there and knows the city well.
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    my friend bought a house on petero hill, 1300 sqft and 900,000. It's a fixer-upper. They've had to replace so much, and not because they didn't like the way it looks, but because of things breaking. Needless to say, they're getting a little ticked.

    I also have a friend who is a nurse, and her pay dosn't make up for the cost of living when it comes to buying a house. Figure this, I saw this on MSN a while back. Only 12% of the San Fran pop can afford a home, compared with 75% in Vegas and our average home price is 250,000 and rising. (which is VERY cheap BTW)
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    Hey girls, didn't she say Colorado? Am I the confused one?
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    Originally posted by kastas
    Hey girls, didn't she say Colorado? Am I the confused one?
    yeah, but i think she ment ca, maybe hit the wrong thread..oh well
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    I was thinking the same thing and had to read over her post a few times to make it said Frisco area. =)
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    Sorry guys! I did mean Colorado. Frisco Colorado,near Breckenridge and Dillon. Thanks!
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    ROFL...boy, do I feel like a big dummy!!! LOL
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    :roll :roll :roll

    LOL, I really thought you knew what you were talking about. I saw it posted under the CO heading and CO was in the Subject.

    Anyway, I too have been contemplating a move to CO. We have looked into Denver and the suburbs, also Vail and Aspen. All have very expensive housing. I think the 250K range is accurate for a starter home there. WOW, very expensive. We looked into apartments to try and save for a bit before buying. A 3br 1-2ba looks to be $1200+/mo. It's a hard decision, but the dream of a life time for we ski-bunnies.


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