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Has anyone taken BIO-111 at CCConline? I am wondering how the lab part works. I took it through here because it was full at Front Range and I need it to take 201 and 202. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am starting to... Read More

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    I was never talking about UNC, Regis, U of WY or U of SD, I was only referring to CU Denver at Anchutz as not accepting online classes.

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    Additionally, I was only referring to the classes with labs. It was my understanding that CU Denver does not accept Biology, Chemistry or A & P I or II online.
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    I just spoke with Connie, the S-Z advisor at the College of Nursing at CU Denver and she said they do take the CCC online courses.

    I am so glad we have this clear now! And I really wish I would have taken some of my pre-reqs online now instead of killing myself 5 nights a week to do it on campus. Oh well, it's over now and that's all that matters.
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    Fantastic News Nurse2bNichol Thank you for asking and getting the final word on it!! Now, we just need to get accepted! Good luck to you!!
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    Quote from CBsMommy
    I've taken classes through CCCOnline.
    If your school accepts them, they are great classes to take. I haven't taken Bio 111 through there (in fact, I skipped that class and got an instructor to sign off on me taking 201 directly) but I took A&P II, Micro and Patho online with CCCOnline. The lab kits are indepth and were really fun to do with my family. It's also fun to do them whenever you want and I didn't have to put up with lab partners!!! Good luck on your studies!
    CBsMommy- Do you mind sharing which community college/instructor signed off on your taking 201 directly? (you can PM me if you'd like) I have been trying to find someone who will allow me to go directly into the A&P class.


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