Grand Junction Hosptials

  1. I am currently an ED RN in Houston. Looking to move to a much more smaller and community area of the country. All the posts that I have searched in are of 3 or 4 years ago. Is there anything new about GJ hospitals or places for experienced nurses to work.

    I was recently on another Forum site and the city of GJ sounds like just what I am looking for. Now if I could only scope out or get a bit of info on the RN job market I'd be set.

    Thanks for any an all help that you guys can provide!

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  3. by   cehearn1

    Did you ever end up moving to Grand Junction?? I have just recently sent resumes to St Marys and am a new grad from Iowa, so I was just wondering how their hiring process goes.
    Let me know if you heard or know of anything new!!

  4. by   WildernessMed
    I would also like to hear about a new grad experience in GJ! Im considering applying to the progressive care unit, eventually I want to gain experience in ICU & CVICU / ER (in my years to come)
  5. by   LSMLAX16
    Did either of you move to Grand Junction Colorado or working at St. Mary's? My son attends CMU and we love it out there? I live in VA and would love to move out there but just a bit scary? Feedback?
  6. by   Julesmama28
    I'm living in GJ right now. Set to graduate in December. Not sure how well the hiring process is for new grads who didn't go to school here though. We have three good sized hospitals, one of which is building a new hospital and trying to go magnet so I'm sure they'll be hiring soon. Grand junction is a great place to live, great scenery, weather and perfect for families! We love it here.