Grand Junction Hosptials

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    I am currently an ED RN in Houston. Looking to move to a much more smaller and community area of the country. All the posts that I have searched in are of 3 or 4 years ago. Is there anything new about GJ hospitals or places for experienced nurses to work.

    I was recently on another Forum site and the city of GJ sounds like just what I am looking for. Now if I could only scope out or get a bit of info on the RN job market I'd be set.

    Thanks for any an all help that you guys can provide!

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    Did you ever end up moving to Grand Junction?? I have just recently sent resumes to St Marys and am a new grad from Iowa, so I was just wondering how their hiring process goes.
    Let me know if you heard or know of anything new!!

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    I would also like to hear about a new grad experience in GJ! Im considering applying to the progressive care unit, eventually I want to gain experience in ICU & CVICU / ER (in my years to come)