Does anyone work for Centura? Does anyone work for Centura? | allnurses

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Does anyone work for Centura?

  1. 0 Is it a good organization to work for? I understand it's a Christian company - is that very pervasive, or would someone who is a non-Christian still feel comfortable?

    I have a phone interview next week with their HR for a regional float pool position. Just wanted to get some opinions from people who are familiar with the organization and the various hospitals.
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    I volunteered at a Centura hospital for just under a year, and loved it although I am not religious. In fact, I started volunteering there because I had been so impressed with the staff when I was a patient there a couple of years ago. I cannot speak for all Centura hospitals but this one is definitely.. different (in a very good way). Something about the staff attitude stands out from any other hospital I experienced. I have heard similar feedback about Centura hospitals from others. Regarding the religious affiliation, I have never been asked about my religion and although Centura is open about its religious foundation, religion was never a topic on the floors.
    Hope that helps.
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    I have only done clinicals at Centura despite trying my best to get hired there (as a new grad though.) We are not religious at all and I still felt comfortable there and not put off in the least. Good luck!
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    Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it! I believe I have a tentative job offer, pending an in-person interview. I'm so excited - they seem like a great organization!
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    Congratulations, I'm sure you'll enjoy working there.

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