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Hi there, I'm starting this thread for people interested in the Denver School of Nursing. I'm starting the BSN program in Oct 2006, and I'm going to try and post regularly to give new/prospective students an idea of what to... Read More

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    I am aware of the fact that DSN doesn't have night classes anymore, that wasn't what I was referring to. I work nights so the week day, dayside schedule works better for my family.

    I spoke to the admissions office two weeks ago so I hope you realize my post was based upon *my* situation and why it's family friendly for me. Certainly people who work 9-5 will have larger difficulties.

    I was also well aware that DSN doesn't offer fed. financial aid because in my undergrad I worked financial aid as a work study for 2 years. But I also became extremely familiar with Sallie Mae, so that option is okay for me, and for others. Certainly, my post's reference to price is still a point to be taken.

    Furthermore, I am applying in 2008, DSN isn't likely to gain accreditation in a year, so I think I'll be okay. I was trying to offer the poster why I am choosing the school, all of which still stand.

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    I scanned my posts and I don't think I've mentioned this before--buy a stethascope. While the school has ones you can use in lab, it is EXTREMELY helpful if you have one of your own to practice with. We did head-to-toe assessments today (my lab partner decided I had a purulent belly button!) and having one really came in handy.

    Also, I've heard some scuttlebutt that the PharmCalc class might be online next quarter (for better or worse.) Just throwing that out there.

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    One more thing. I noticed earlier that I said parking was a challenge, and it still is, but there's a lot on the northeast corner of 20th and Market that's only $3/day. If you're willing to walk even further, you might be able to find even cheaper lots.
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    We did a flu shot clinic today. It was volunteer, but I HIGHLY recommend going to one if you get the chance once you're in school. You get lots of practice (about four hours worth today) of giving IM shots. (Plus, we all got free flu shots!)
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    I am also doing the BSN program, but not starting until April '07. All of your info is great! Keep it up! Good Luck!
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    Hi all,

    This is a little off topic--but here's some recent info I acquired.

    I might have to move to Nashville before school is finished (sniff, sniff.) I called Belmont University in Nashville, and the admissions coordinator told me that he would have to evaluate my credits class by class. He said he'd need to see a catalog from the school, and for clinical classes, a syllabus for each class. He also said that while he couldn't guarantee anything, the school looked "mighty fine" at first glance.

    Belmont does have a rule that if you get a "B" in Pathophysiology or Pharmacology, you have to audit the classes there, and if you get a "C", you have to retake them. (I'm SO going to be retaking Patho....might not be such a bad thing!)
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    Hey everyone,

    Just a quick note for those of you who might feel like this information is redundant or whatnot...

    I am posting for EVERYONE out there. You might already know some of this stuff (and here's to that!), but there might also be people who don't. So if it feels like I'm telling you things you already know, just skim past that part and look for the juicy bits.

    My note for today--I ran into the dean of the school in the elevator, who asked how I was doing, and when I mentioned how frustrated I was with the workload, etc., told me to come talk to her anytime. I also ended up sitting down with one of my professors for over an hour, talking about some study solutions. The point? The school staff does want you to succeed. Take advantage of that. Talk to these people. I found that even if they couldn't fix the problem, they were more than willing to listen to you vent about why tests are stupid.
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    Quote from mbw5680
    Hi Cynthia (and everyone else),

    For the Denver School of Nursing (19th and Market), I didn't have to write an essay or submit letters of recommendation. I just completed my pre-reqs and had an interview with an admissions counselor. I honestly found it very easy to get in. Jeff Johnson (the director of admissions), essentially told me that as long as you've fulfilled your prerequisites and can swing the tuition, you'll be accepted as soon as there's space. (Right now there's a very short to no waiting list because the tuition is so difficult to finance.)

    I also applied to the CU-Health Sciences Center (I didn't get in.) They do require an essay, and the school is VERY competitive. (I realize this is off the subject of this post, but it's still about nursing school.) They don't advertise this, but CU DOES care about where you went to school (my husband is a professor there.) How they admit people is that they a) score each application, and then b) make a cutoff point and accept people who score above it. However, CU has a multiplier that affects your score depending on where you did your pre-reqs. For example, let's say your application is given a score of 83%. If you went to Metro, your score would be multiplied by .80, CU-Denver, 1.0, and Harvard, 1.2 (therefore effectively raising or lowering your score.) (I'm not saying those are the actual multipliers, it's an example.)

    Good luck applying! Feel free to PM if you want.
    I've been reading your BSN experience and it is very informative. Thanks for taking the time out to do this. I am very interested in applying there in the future. I believe after this semester I will have one prereq. I will need to finish before I can apply. I do have a question for you, did you have to take an entrance exam like the Accuplacer in order to be accepted? Some schools, like Platt, require you take this placement test before you will be accepted. Just curious if DSON does the same.

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    No, you don't have to take the Accuplacer. I think I've mentioned this before, but you do have to take a basic math skills (pass/fail) in order to take Pharmacology Calculations.
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    Quote from mbw5680
    No, you don't have to take the Accuplacer. I think I've mentioned this before, but you do have to take a basic math skills (pass/fail) in order to take Pharmacology Calculations.
    Thanks for the info. I think I will need to brush up on my basic math skills like you mentioned in a previous post. Thanks again for taking the time to document your experience at DSON for all of us!

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