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Hello, I'm a 24 year old RN moving to Denver this summer. When looking at this site there are a lot of people saying the job outlook is bad in Denver, but I haven't seen anything updated in a year.... Read More

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    This is stated in the Mar 1 post 'centura's new grad phone conference.' Perhaps it is incorrect or a recent change?

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    Quote from hope3456
    This is stated in the Mar 1 post 'centura's new grad phone conference.' Perhaps it is incorrect or a recent change?
    Not sure which one, but I know of new grads (brand new) who just recently got hired. Also, Centura has a whole "new grad" program set up which includes weekly classroom time additionally to your preceptorship and later mentorship.
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    I have not tested the waters myself, but two nurses from my floor just got jobs in Denver fairly quickly and moved there last week. I work on a med/surg/tele floor and both of the nurses were experienced -- one has 2-3 years, the other 1+.
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    I am from Iowa
    I was a CNA for 4 years
    I was a LPN for one at a skilled facility.
    I have my RN for a Year I work on a med/surg/peds floor at a hospital
    I have BCLs/ACLS
    I am currently in an RN-BSN program online.

    What do you think my chances are of finding a job in Denver?
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    Denver RN needs job help. My fiance and I moved here. I just graduated
    from an ADN program in Minnesota. I need to work to at least cover some debts which
    means about $1,000.00 per month. Maybe someone out in all-nurses land knows of a little niche I could fill at his or her workplace?
    I would prefer hospital work.
    Any ideas as to where I can find a nursing job? Advice? Support Groups? I have over 5 years as a CNA and 2 years at Medication Administration. Nyteshade--I cannot PM yet, but would welcome any information
    you could offer.

    Thanks All!
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    Just got off the phone conference for Centura. Not feeling encouraged. But I am not going to give up!
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    Hello!! I dont know how to pm but i am really interested in that lil something you may know lol

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    Moving to Colorado was the absolute worst mistake ever, along with pursuing a career in nursing!! I truly feel compassionate about nursing and as if there's no other career I would rather do, but no one will give me a chance to even step into nursing. It is completely sad and disgusting the way the nursing field is and no one even bothered to tell me during nursing school. I have never tried so hard and filled out so many applications in my life and still 6 months after getting my license...No where. I can't even find a full time position as a caregiver!!! I would have known this, then I would never have gone to nursing school to begin with. Seriously pathetic, those nurse who graduated even 5-10 years ago didn't face this hard of a time finding a job. I wish that they told me in nursing school what a hopeless chance of a career this is! If this issue continues the way it is now, we will have a real nursing shortage!!
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    This has been my experience in California. I'm searching every state on to get a feel for someplace to relocate that will hire a new grad BSN with no experience. My student loan payments begin in February.
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    Live in austin, tx right now and thinking of moving to denver in the next1-2 years. I have my bsn and almost 8 years of experience in med/surg, tele and now in ambulatory surgery. What do you think? Would i find a job? Thanks

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