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I was browsing the topics here and didn't find much information or discussion about the BSN program at CSU-Pueblo. I'm thinking of applying there but saw that the NCLEX scores are very inconsistent, so just writing to ask if... Read More

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    Quote from cojamie
    What are the pre-requisites for CSU-Pueblo. Is a semester of chemistry fine, or do you need a whole year? Also do they require a foreign language...if so how many credits?

    I find their website hard to understand as a possible transfer student. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
    Prerequisite courses (directly from the website):

    BIOL 223

    Anatomy & Physiology I

    3 credits

    BIOL 223L

    Anatomy & Physiology I Lab

    1 credits

    BIOL 206


    3 credits

    BIOL 206L

    Microbiology Lab

    1 credits

    BIOL 224

    Anatomy & Physiology II

    3 credits

    BIOL 224L

    Anatomy & Physiology II Lab

    1 credits

    PSYCH 151

    Human Development

    3 credits

    CHEM 111

    Principles of Chemistry

    3 credits

    CHEM 111L

    Principles of Chemistry Lab

    1 credits

    MATH 156

    Introduction to Statistics

    3 credits


    Foreign Language

    3 credits

    NSG 207

    Nursing Pathophysiology

    3 credits

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    Quote from Tward85

    I have several questions, and would love for some assistance in answering them.

    Can you tell me what your typical weekly schedules are while in the program?
    I currently live in the Denver area, so I will need to either drive or stay at extended stay motels during the days I need to be in Pueblo.

    Is it possible to work during the program and if not how do you afford the program? From my understanding we can get $12,500 in stafford loans and $5500 in perkins loans, but is that all you can get as far as federal aid and I assume that is not enough to live on?

    Thanks in advance.
    See the reply I posted a couple of replies ago for summer schedule.

    For fall semester, we have clinicals 3 days/week and classes the other 2 days. Clinicals may even be on some Saturdays. Keep in mind that this is the accelerated program I am talking about. I do not know much about the traditional program, if that is what you are asking about.

    Personally, I think that living in Denver would be much too difficult and I would advise against it. You're talking about a 4-hour commute every day which would be exhausting (not to mention dangerous and maybe even impossible to traverse if it is snowy, bad weather - what if you have to get to clinicals in Pueblo on a day when roads are bad?) and even extended stay motels are expensive. I don't even know if those exist in Pueblo. I would highly recommend moving to Pueblo, especially if you'll be doing the accelerated program. You can find places where rent is not too expensive. I share an apartment and pay $250/mo.

    I don't work. I'm thinking about working, but I'd rather not risk my grades, because the accelerated program is so time consuming and I'd rather spend my free time studying. I'm not a very good person to talk about financial aid with, because I'm blessed to have the full financial support of my family and therefore, don't have to work, although the extra money would be helpful. However, it seems to me that there is always financial aid available for those who really need it and I know that Rocky Mountain SER has money allotted for nursing students who choose nursing as "career redirection" as well.
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    I just got accepted to the CSU Pueblo program, today actually.

    I live in Denver and I was wondering what you've heard about new grads getting jobs in Colorado. With CU and Regis in Denver its pretty competitive in Denver.

    I have had a hard time getting the admission office to give me resources to talk with current students and grads, so any info you could send my way would be super helpful.

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    Quote from cmbrown07
    I just got accepted to the CSU Pueblo program, today actually.

    I live in Denver and I was wondering what you've heard about new grads getting jobs in Colorado. With CU and Regis in Denver its pretty competitive in Denver.

    I have had a hard time getting the admission office to give me resources to talk with current students and grads, so any info you could send my way would be super helpful.

    Congrats! I have heard that Denver is competitive. A lot of people love Denver and want to move there, so there is no shortage of applicants for jobs. I'd say the whole Denver Metro area and Fort Collins also would be among the most difficult areas to find a job (just going by what I hear), but not impossible, so don't let that discourage you. In the more rural areas, jobs are not hard to come by. In Pueblo, you could easily find a job, not that it's a teeny town, it is a city of 100,000, but it's no Denver. Of course, you live in Denver already, so you'd probably want to stay there. Even though it is competitive, there is no reason that you would not be a desirable applicant! I have friends who moved to Denver from out of state and were able to get nursing jobs right away. Oh, and the nice thing about CSU-Pueblo is that the grading scale is a lot kinder than others. No C's are allowed and an 80-89 is a B, with 90 and above as an A, which means that when you graduate, you will have at least a 3.0. Also, I believe CSU-Pueblo currently has the highest NCLEX pass rate in the state at 96%!
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    hey guys, I am applying for CSU-Pueblo's Degree Plus Program for Summer 2013 (so I'll send in my application this June). If you guys could give me any tips/advice that would be great! I will have a 3.4 with 6 pre-reqs completed. When did applicants find out about acceptance? How is the program overall? Anything you can recommend to someone applying? Thanks!
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    I too would like to hear some current info on the CSU pueblo program. Are your rotations just in Pueblo, or do you have sites all around southern Colorado? How do you feel about the program (education, job prospects)?
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    CSU-Pueblo is also a school I'm planning on applying to, but they're site-info seems a little sparse, at least compared to some of Accelerated BSN program's sites. If anyone knows a little about the program, here's an abridged email with a few questions I just tried to email them for a second time. Any info would be great!

    " I am currently on track to have all required prerequisites completed by the fall 2012 semester, but was wondering if there is any form of transcript evaluation available in order to be certain that my prerequisite courses that I am taking at the Community College of Denver are transferable? The course numbers of courses such as microbiology, A&P, with labs and 4 credits, do not exactly match the course numbers listed under the prerequisite requirements.

    In addition, I was wondering if and applicant is not selected for the Accelerated BSN option, they would be considered for the regular BSN, or would need to submit an additional application. Also, are there additional requirements to complete the application other than having a bachelor's degree and completing the prerequisites and applications, such as a personal essay, recommendation letters, or an interview? Finally, are there limits as to what foreign languages courses may be taken for the foreign language prerequisite?"

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    Does anyone know if they do rolling admissions? I heard back from the school, now I am just waiting to hear from the nursing program itself. Any info would be great.
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    CSU-Pueblo sends students to clinicals in Pueblo, Canon City, and Colorado Springs. I am a current student, and I am guessing the number one complaint of every student in the program is the horrible job the department does with scheduling. I was given five different schedule changes for one clinical, with the fifth one handed out six weeks after the semester had begun. A girl in our class had one clinical that ended at midnight on Thursday in Colorado Springs and her next one began at 7:30AM on Friday in Pueblo. According to some recent grads, this is not all that surprising. I didn't expect an easy schedule during nursing school, but the department seems to have very little foresight and ongoing problems with organization.
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    I just got accepted to start Jan 2014! Ill be moving from WA.

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