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Due to a short stint in travel nursing, I am now on the email list of several travel nursing companies. I just received an email from one company, talking about how they're gearing up to send 300+... Read More

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    Quote from gypsyd8
    $40 an hour IS the union wage scale in California.
    the figure mentioned above would be for a new grad , looking at the scale for my hospiatl it starts at $37 , within a short time , once completed work for first step of clinical ladder you are at $40 . Top of scale for staff nurse $53 for CN1 , 2, 3 approx $3 / step more . The pay scale for hospitals who have more mature contracts is better .
    As to COL although hiigher in CA , I feel that is balanced in nursing by the safer enviroment brought about by staffing ratios and other aspects of my contract that protect me from the avarice of my employer , who I'm sure would employ trained monkeys tocarefor the patients if they could find them cheap enough !
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