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  1. New to this board, Please reply if your VA Medical Center has used Summary Review Nurse Professional Review Board Process to remove RN's? This process has just started and all the facts are not presented to the 5 person board then good RN's are removed during and after probation without a voice....
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  3. by   VinnieG
    Im a VA nurse in Minneapolis, been there a little over a year. I have yet to see our board remove a nurse. However, I have had to deal with the board when I was hired on as an LPN and again as an RN and I felt that I got short changed on both occasions, as did some of my co workers. I also think that the way the board gives raises and promotions is very unfair and opens the door to blatent favoritism. I like working there, but am seeking employement at a private unionized hospital setting (MNA Union) for this reason. to get a raise at VA, you have to write a paper boasting about what an assest you are to the unit and prove that you've participated with some comitee. I feel all those things are great to do, but for those that have families and school, there is not always time for all the extra "homework". I also feel like I work really hard to care for my patients everyday and shouldn't have to beg for my money. just my opinion-but yes, I could totally see the board firing somebody without giving them a say.
  4. by   Tarmstrong
    Yes I have seen the board use that to remove a RN. The NM was attempting to get her fired and the review showed in-adquate training. They removed the rn from the floor and transferred her to another floor.

    Yes you do have to boast about your job for promotion and even then it comes out with favoritism. A co worker of mine showed up, did the bare mimium in patient care but was in good with the NM and got a 3 step raise. She did not upgrade her education or do something other significant. The board rotates out in Texas so they may be hope for next year.
  5. by   VinnieG
    Good to know that they rotate out. Not sure if they do that here in Mpls, i will check into it.
  6. by   whatever...
    As a LVN at Loma Linda VA, there is no boards here (including RN's), to "remove" or fire any personal. Though as with most gov't jobs you have to go above and beyond to GET fired here, and if that does, all you got to do is complain to the union. case in point, a fellow LVN got rehired a month later after filing a complaint w/ union after being caught asleep with a suicidal 1:1 patient. A RN was rehired here after giving potassium iv push with full back pay for 2 months. A HT was not fired for being AWOL for 3 days, her excuse......."Just didn't feel like working.", no lie!!! Even as my manager has some-what jokingly as said "This is the only place where you could punch me in the face and be back to work next week". So no matter how big of a dirt bag you are, you always have a job here at the wonderful V.A., at least Loma Linda!!!
  7. by   nicurn001
    As a matter of law unions have to represemt all of their members , who ask for assistance , they cannot stop a firing as long as the management has followed the contract , the hospitals own policies and primarily the applicable laws , if the employer does not do that then if there is a " just cause " firing clause in the contract the employee can be reinstated . In all probability managers have failed to meet that threshold in the cases whatever described above . Or for some reason someone higher up the administrative ladder has decided not to pursue the matter to the fullest / most expensive degree necessary .
  8. by   Joevarn
    Nurses in the VA do get fired. If you want to know about the VA contact a union rep. They have to be carefull about what they say as they can be terminated for making negative comments about the VA. I can say that Nurses do get fired. One probationary nurse was fired on Christmas eve. Understand the pay package and understand the boarding process because the salary they quote you may not be what you get. Know up front that if you take a night shift position you can be pulled to days with little to no notice and child care is not considered when they change your tour of duty same holds true for days to nights. Your years of experience as a bedside nurse may not amount to much as they value QM nurses and data colection nurses more then bedside nurses. Its very difficult to get promoted if you are a bedside nurse some nurses never get out of the Nurse 1 level even with 20 years of experience or more. Managers have a very poor training and mentoring program that makes nurses lives more difficult. Its a big brother is watching enviornment and you need to prepare yoursef for that when considering working for the VA. Patients complain to congress over every little thing and that launches an investigation on the staff. Its just a mentally tough place to work, and not many in leadership advocate for nurses unless they are trying to gain magnet status.
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  9. by   gummi bear
    It takes a lot for someone to get fired from the VA. Sometimes too much