Tufts nurses vote 70% to authorize strike - page 5

Just heard on channel five, Boston. Nurses at one of Boston's biggest hospital, have just voted to authorized a one day strike. Over 70% of the nurses who voted have decided that Tufts Medical Center... Read More

  1. by   jahra
    Quote from Chin up
    Strike averted. Approximately 2 am this morning, an agreement was made. More to follow.
    Thanks for the update! I was just on the MNA site and no info is posted yet.
    I am happy for the Tufts Nurses, looking forward to more info.
  2. by   Chin up
    From what I am hearing, nurses are not too happy with the union. They really did not get anything and will have another vote on May 24 or 26. I forget the exact date. Basically, they will have no more than five patients for the next year and a half, and nights, no more than six. But, this is all word of mouth, I heard nothing official, yet. I do know, the nurses I spoke with are very unhappy. Peace!
  3. by   herring_RN
    tufts medical center rns reach tentative agreement averting a strike

    pact provides nurses with staffing improvements, limits on patient assignments in key areas, and strict limits on the use of mandatory overtime as a staffing tool...

    ...the 18-month agreement runs from may 18, 2011 to nov. 19, 2012. the pact includes the following key provisions:

    - increased staffing with limits on nurses' patient assignments in a number of areas - the hospital has agreed to limit patient assignments for nurses working on the medical-surgical floors to six patients on the night shift, and to no more than two patients in the intensive care units. the hospital has also agreed to language in the contract that assures they will not move to a six patient assignment for medical-surgical nurses on the day and evening shifts for the life of the agreement. the hospital has also agreed to convert a number of temporary travel nurses positions to core staff, which will further improve care on a number of units and has increased positions in its float pool, which will provide nursing support to overburdened units.

    - the addition of charge nurses with limited assignments to a number of the hospital's busiest medical surgical floors on day and evening shifts - these nurses will supplement core staffing on these units, to coordinate the flow of patients in and out of the units, while also providing support to nurses caring for patients with complex needs.

    - strict limits on mandatory overtime - the hospital has agreed to significantly limit the use of mandatory overtime as a staffing mechanism, allowing nurses to refuse forced overtime if they are too ill to provide safe patient care. no nurses will be required to work more than 16 hours in a single shift, and cannot be assigned more than 12 hours of mandatory overtime in a calendar quarter. the hospital has also agreed to post full schedules to minimize the need for mandatory overtime.

    - protection from inappropriate floating - the pact provides protections for nurses who are asked to float to other units, with guarantees that they will receive appropriate orientation and are competent to practice in those areas.

    - wage increase - the pact includes a 2% across-the-board wage increase for all nurses upon ratification. ...