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  1. mojitos2go

    Taking time off from nursing...tips on keeping up skills?

    I took off for 6 months a couple of times over the years when my husband went to sea during his Navy days. The time flew by. There were some equipment and P&P changes, but after a few busy 12 hour shifts, I got into the groove again. I use Nurse.com and get the Medscape Nursing newsletter via email. Congrats on your decision and enjoy!
  2. mojitos2go

    Fired from my med/surg job after almost 3 years

    You must feel like you are in a nightmare that won't end. I am sorry for your pain and the management team's soul-less behavior. How do these folks sleep at night or even get into nursing? The PTB want to run healthcare systems like businesses but offer no personal improvement program? Shame on them. Your situation reinforces my stance on keeping work separate from my personal life. This type of scenario seems to be occurring more and more within our disintegrating profession. I witnessed half of my co-workers high-tail it out the ICU when a new director was hired to clean house. Others were blind sided, fired and too humiliated to fight back. It took 4 years for said director to get to me. Long story short, I refused to resign or go to another unit, applied for unemployment and like eriksoln had a telephonic court hearing. I was on vacation on an island in the Gulf of Mexico and didn't even know if I could get cell service during the hearing. The director, HR rep and 4 other ICU nurses were on the line. You would have thought the hospital was defending a federal murder case. It was difficult not to laugh, knowing how rehearsed 5 out of the 6 of them sounded, I was on vacay and they were not! The hearing officer chastised them for their personal opinions and repeating the same thing. The 4th nurse, a seasoned ICU nurse, would have nothing to do with their script. The ruling was in my favor. Did the firing affect future employment in the middle of a recession? Nope. In fact, the HR director at the new employer had worked at my former workplace and was familiar with the M.O. Oh, and the darling director: she is supporting her out-of-work boyfriend, her kids have nothing to do with her and her house is worth 100K less than what she paid for it. Karma is a wonderful thing. When one door closes another door opens but that hallway in between seems mighty dark. OP, do something really nice for yourself because you are worth it. Take care and keep us posted.
  3. mojitos2go

    overreacting or not, that is the question!?!

    Good Lord! The nurse seemed rather callous telling you, a nurse, that you have a mass without an explanation from the provider. Aye, yaye, yaye. Don't we tend to think of the worse case scenario when it comes to our own symptoms? Is this business as usual in this particular ED? The Director of the ED should be made aware of this. This was a high level ED visit for which the ED physician will be reimbursed if he documented appropriately. Certainly he could have spent a few extra minutes with you. He dropped the ball. I hope you are feeling better. Keep us posted.
  4. mojitos2go

    Hospitals near Port Charlotte?

    Fawcett Memorial Hospital and Peace River Regional Medical Center are both in Port Charlotte. The Charlotte Regional Medical Center is less than 7 miles south (15-20 minute drive) across the Peace River to Punta Gorda. Lee County (south of Charlotte County) also offers 2 hospitals that would be within an hour's (45 minutes) drive on most days. These facilities, Cape Coral Hospital and Lee Memorial Hospital are part of the Lee Memorial Health System. To the west is Englewood Community Hospital and northwest is Venice Regional Medical Center. Even the hospitals in Sarasota meet your criteria. Snowbird season from October until about the 3rd week of April causes increased traffic with March being the peak season (snowbirds and spring breakers). Brush fires during the dry season may also slow traffic. The great thing about this area is if you enjoy cruising, there are 3 cruise ports within a 3-hour drive and another less than 4 hours away. Good luck with your decision, Kelly.
  5. mojitos2go

    Lee Memorial Health System

    Lee Monopoly Health System is the only game in town for employment and the consumer. Beware. Check out the articles on News-Press.com and search the coverage on the top management bonuses. We chose to homeschool to offer our child a better education after two years in the Lee County Public School System. Homes are affordable due to the high unemployment rate resulting in tens of thousands of foreclosures. The Chinese drywall debacle has financially ruined many families. We pay no state taxes so that helps with the high utility assessments and homeowner's insurance. Edison State College (formerly a community college) and Florida Gulf Coast University are located in Lee County. Good luck with your decision.