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I belong to a very strong union who is very opinionated. I don't always agree with their stance on things. There is another union who is striking for possible benefit take-aways...I don't know the true details of what is being... Read More

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    Quote from MrChicagoRN

    4 pages of responses.

    Not a single entry related to professionalism, or responsibility to your patients. No consideration of the effect that the strike will have on them, or the colleagues that will be stuck taking care of them.

    This isn't a factory. You can't just shut down the assembly line and walk away, smugly satisfied how you are sticking it to the money grubbing capitalists. Your strike will have a definite effect on your patients, their families, and your reputation in the community. It violates your contract. It will create (or increase) an adversarial relationship, and will hurt you in the long run.

    Is the union representing your interests, or their own?

    These walkouts are planned. There would be nurses there to take care of the patients. They just don't abandon the ship, so to speak.
    Maybe if nurses had more walkouts, management would sit up and take notice that we don't like our working conditions, etc..
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    Quote from TrafalgarRN
    My exact opinion. To the OP we wok for the same healthcare system. Yes we have an excellent contract till 2014 but you need to see the big picture. They are trying takeaways from other unions which they have never done before so whether you like it or not they will try the same with our union. They already did that to our brothers and sisters in Southern CA. They just crushed the pharmacists down there by eliminating their pension plan and matching contributions to their 401 K; 15 years ago they felt that contributing to the 401K was a bad idea and forced people to the pension system and now don't want to be on the hook for those payments.
    If they succeed with takeaways then come 2014 they will do the same to nurses and we shall have no support on our side; and that's when you will remember how they came for the others and you didn't speak and now its your turn and oops there is no one to speak for you.

    Sympathy Strike....Yes a 24 hour strike is legal as argued and won at the United States Court of Appeal; Ninth Circuit; CNA versus Childrens Hospital- 2002. I don't know how long you have worked in our system but there is nothing to be afraid of. One thing i would tell you is never ever cross the picket line; i have seen some people do it and trust me from that day your co-workers never look at you the same. Get a vacation day or even take a day off. Nurses of America need to stand strong and united or else Wall Street will take over.
    I have been involved with strikes before, and the hospital locked nurses out afterward...and the strikes don't do ANY good in convincing the hospitals to change.
    As far as my co-workers looking at me differently...I am protected against harassment thanks to my employer....the employer who writes my checks (by the way.) The union doesn't write my check...they just take my money and do with it as they please no matter what my opinions are. I have heard that our union won't hold a vote regarding a sympathy strike, they will only hold one if it is a primary strike. So we have NO input on the matter....and that is the way our union works.
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    Quote from tokmom
    These walkouts are planned. There would be nurses there to take care of the patients. They just don't abandon the ship, so to speak.
    Maybe if nurses had more walkouts, management would sit up and take noticed that we don't like our working conditions, etc..
    Have you ever seen any nurses get what they want after going on strike?
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    Quote from notachargenurse
    Have you ever seen any nurses get what they want after going on strike?

    Yes i have seen nurses get what they want after they stood up for themselves.How do you think we got the benefits we have had in the past? It was 6 one days strikes that gave way to this. You sound like you have never been on any strike the way you are talk; and its your choice at the picket line. No one will harass you but just know your workmates are with you for a longtime unless you see management in your future. Good day.
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    I think this is an excellent example of why conditions in non-union shops tend to be better if there's a union in the same industry in the vicinity.

    I think it has to do with employers having to compete with unions for worker loyalty in order to fend off potential union drives in their own facilites or systems.

    Of course, I'm pro-union and this is one opinion, so take it for what it's worth.

    Just an interesting phenomenon to think about.
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    i will honor the sympathy strike. i consider it an investment in my future and the future of my patients. if the hospitals succeed in pension and health benefit takeaways because nurses didn't stand together for themselves and their co-workers, then i have no doubt that next they will start taking away things that protect patients... things we have taken a stand for. ex:
    safe staffing laws, no mandatory overtime, professional committees... etc, etc, etc..
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    I am pro-union all the way. Nurses need to stand together and fight for better working conditions so we can protect our patients. In the end, its not all about pay raises and retirement plans its about having the ability to provide safe patient care. Leave it to the administrators of the hospital they pick and choice when the rules apply. This week we were told that our cna and break nurse were cx because we are over budget for the fiscal year.
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    Cover YOUR back, nothing matters anymore in this profession/ economy.
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    I do not agree with the sympathy strike in principle. Unfortunately, I am scheduled to work on Sept 22 and I will be there picketing instead of providing care for my patients.
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    Participated in the sympathy strike today. The turnout was phenomenal!!! If you didn't want to picket, you could have stayed home. Read your manual for clarification!!!
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