NNU...Where do I sign!?

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    I want so much to empower nurses and unionize. Unity and protection for the bedside nurses is long overdue. I'm going to get a blood red outfit and make my signs now
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    I read a post on here...I forget exactly where...but the nurse wrote ' in our State they don't allow nurses to unionized.' I think it was TN ... there are so many freaks in authoritative +/or leaderships and I loathe liars.
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    In this job climate...you aren't going to have a huge following. Find a union hospital and get hired. Everyone values their job and know it won't be easy to get another. No one is going to stick their neck out....I wish you the best.
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    The problem is that it won't get better if we just accept it as the new normal. Social engineering as a result of corporate greed is causing these labor problems. How can there be budget problems when the CEO's make millions and are building new buildings? At orientation we were advised not to talk to union reps if they approached us. They also added that they would find out about it. I would not be surprised if there were folks in here hired to respond or post topics contrary to the problems described here. These are scare tactics to keep us in line. I never new nursing became so twisted. I went into this field because I wanted to give my time to care for others while making a living. I feel duped by my school, workplace and career. I guess I was listening to what I wanted to hear.
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    We're taking nursing back. This too shall pass. There are a lot of nurse activists fighting hard to bring back the quality of care we used to be able to give our patients. Safety in work environment is a big issue as well.
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    I was anti-union until I became a nurse. My pre-nursing employers treated me so well that I couldn't understand why anyone would need a union. NOW I know!
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    Remind me what NNU stands for?
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    Is there a way for this site to create a survey per state to find out the interest in unionizing or forming coalitions? I'm sure that there is a lot of interest but also a lot of fear and misinfo. I think it would give nurses a feel for the support they deserve!
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    Honestly, I don't know if any group of nurses would encourage a union except for NNU. national nurses united. Most unions are reportedly corrupt and politically motivated. The hospitals are so huge that they pay a lot for loyalty from their management staff to keep the peace. The nurses have to stand up for themselves and most are oppressed and retaliated against if they speak up. So we do the best we can under the circumstances. I want to start a union that is national but OPTIONAL. Before you do anything union related be sure you protect your career.
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    Give yourself a learning treat, go rent the movie Norma Rae... Norma Rae (1979) - IMDb
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