New York Nurses Take Back Their Union

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    ... Push For Safe Staffing ............
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    Yesssssssssssssssssss for NURSES! but too bad I'm not in a NYSNA hospital, still YAY for NY!!!
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    congratulations to my ny colleagues nurses...way to go~
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    Go NY nurses!!!! Congrats!! I hope the rest of us can catch the spirit!!
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    that would be awesome
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    Any good news for 1199?
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    Hey Ya'll,Besides NY & CA, Are the other states where Nurses have strong union representation?
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    What is 1199?
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    Quote from bearcat194
    what is 1199?

    in answer to your question, 199seiu is the largest, fastest-growing and most effective healthcare union in america. it represents over 300,000 members throughout new york state, massachusetts, new jersey, maryland and washington, d.c. their members work in every job classification and in every facet of the healthcare industry, including hospitals, nursing homes, homecare and clinics. having said that, 1199 members are driven by a mission to achieve affordable, quality healthcare for all, and the strongest voice for the workers that provide that care.....aloha~
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    Thanks Gitano, I don't understand the mentality here in the south, hopefully I'll have the opportunity to choose whether or not I want union representation when I complete my program.