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I relocated to NC a few years ago from up north, and while I love it here, I am amazed and appalled by what some of these admins. can get away with in these hospitals. I have been reminded time and... Read More

  1. by   nicurn001
    Almost by definition unions have to support those who support labor friendly policies , unfortunately from the rights viewpoint , those policies are espoused by the left . I do not believe those policies are either anti American or anticapitalist they are simply pro labor .
    I believe in a balance of power between labor and capital , at present that balance is too far in favor of capital / employers . I will support policies in favor of labor until / unless they swing the pendulum of power too far in the opposite direction .
  2. by   Chico David RN
    Quote from jhanes
    I live in Florida, a right to work state, and the red-led NNU have been organizing the HCA hospitals here. In some ways I agree that we need some muscle to avoid being left out in the cold on wages and working conditions, but empowering organizations which at their core are dedicated to the destruction of our Constitution and capitalist economic system is not the way to go. (Ask any Cambodian). There are plenty of places for nurses to work in N.C., so if you don't like the working conditions, make that known by voting with your feet. And make sure that they get 'the message" at your exit interview.
    As one of the people involved in forming the NNU, I can say for certain that your statement could not possibly be more false. Our union is absolutely not anti-capitalist, or anti-American, or anti-constitution. What we do believe is that the laws should apply equally to all - rich and poor alike - that a banker who steals a billion dollars by manipulating stock trading should be punished at least as harshly as a poor man who steals $100 with a gun. What we do believe is that workers have a right to a safe work place, that patients have a right to safe care, that workers are entitled to a decent wage and a certain amount of job security. And we do believe that the rich should pay a more fair share of the taxes collected in this country.
    When I was a kid, back in the 50s, none of those were controversial ideas. Many politicians of both parties supported them. Republican presidents like Eisenhower and even Nixon would have agreed with all of those statements. Back then the top marginal tax rate was 90% on the very highest incomes, and somehow the economy manged to do pretty well. And back then, unions were able to support politicians of both parties, because both parties had politicians who were pro-worker. But in the last 50 years the American political spectrum has moved so far right that people - ignorant people, I must say - can claim with a straight face that ideas like that are communist.
  3. by   muffylpn
    Only read afew of the comments so mabey this has been address. Neither 4 or against unions-I'm in one. Can you get fired for trying to start one YES. Will anyone ever say that was the reason, no. Unless you are perfect, those few little mistakes that we all make every now and then can and might be counted against you. I'm not saying you shouldn't try as it clearly seems you are being treated badly. I would get all my ducks in a row
  4. by   brenda100
    Why do you all think the people in Ohio voted to repeal the governors law to restrict the unions? Because they work for the people who are trying to make a living in the state. Nurses, police, fireman, city workers all the people who make a hugh difference. They were planning to strip them of their hard fought and hard won rights as workers.
    In at will states they sure can and will fire you for anything or nothing, a paper trail is not hard to put in place if they really want too. And your career as a nurse can be jepordized as the State Boards of Nursing in the interest of protecting the public take their word that whatever they say happened really happened and you have to hire a lawyer and defend yourself at great cost.
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  5. by   jhanes
    Hugh--A man's name, pronounced like "You".
    Huge--Meaning very large, the soft g is pronounced.
    Too--meaning excessive.
    To--the word you meant to use.
    It wasn't the "people of Ohio", but the Union goons who spent $30million to make sure that the taxpayers of Ohio continue to pay and pay and pay, while Big Labor bosses make huge salaries based on their support for Big Marxist Government, high taxes, and the restricted human rights agenda of the Socialists.
  6. by   arelle68
    I live in a "Right to Work" state, where all employment is "at will". I worked a very (very) sub-standard nursing home in my small town. I spoke up and told the auditor what an abusive, dangerous, and exploitive environment it was. I got fired the next day for stuff management made up. When I pointed out to the executive director that they had violated their own policy in firing me, he read me this "Right to Work" and "at will" law. Yes, they certainly can fire you for any reason, or for no reason, and they do. Free at last! Free at last! Thank GOD ALMIGHTY, I'm free at last! I have a way, way, way better job now, and I am so, so happy! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I don't need a union. I've got HIM to take care of me!
  7. by   brenda100
    Quote from jhanes
    Hugh--A man's name, pronounced like "You".
    Huge--Meaning very large, the soft g is pronounced.
    Too--meaning excessive.
    To--the word you meant to use.
    It wasn't the "people of Ohio", but the Union goons who spent $30million to make sure that the taxpayers of Ohio continue to pay and pay and pay, while Big Labor bosses make huge salaries based on their support for Big Marxist Government, high taxes, and the restricted human rights agenda of the Socialists.
    Your kidding me right? That is what you got out of what I said. Here is an example of the type of people who are against the people, propaganda. Your telling me the people of Ohio didn't vote in this election. There must be a lot of Union goons in the state of Ohio to vote that law down. Don't forget to spell check my post
  8. by   nicurn001
    So jhanes are you saying that the voters of Ohio can be bought for the measly sum of $30M. Or are you upset that this sum of money was spent in a political campaign , if so I take it you do not agree with the Supreme Court's ruling re. spending upon campaigns sounds suspiciously dictatorial ( maybe even Marxist influenced to me ).
    You are somewhat drole " huge salaries of labor bosses " , a mere pittance in comparison to the Barons of corporations , Big Marxist Government ( you wouldn't be able to discuss such a thing if there was such a government in place !. High taxes in comparison to what ?even in comparison to historical levels in the USA taxes are relatively low .As to restricted human right you say that with a straight face after some of what GW's govrnment did in our name .
  9. by   OnlyOneNurse
    As an RN of 40 years, having a MSN who chose to work as a bedside clinician and be an adjunct at a local university, I would like to provide some perspective.

    I was a 30 year nurse at a hospital with an impecable record, sick leave use that you can count on your fingers in all that time. I was a NON-UNION nurse and falsly thinking my outstanding work ethics, attendence, and evaluations would telfon me to any hostile action.

    What a dream, or should I say a nightmare, when a nurse executive got a taste of power. I became a UNION nurse, went thru a grievance process that is mandated by the UNION, got UNION attorney, got letters and pettitions from UNION and NON-UNION colleagues
    I owe my continued employment to the UNION as well as restored position, restored pay, and most important restored integrity because management was found guilty of hostile action by an independent judge, again paid for by the UNION. This would have cost me my mind, possibly my precious nursing license, and thousands of dollars if there was not a contract or UNION to enforce a process. I now enjoy outstanding evaluations again and a job I love again, because any other assessment is considered retaliation, which is covered by a contract. Don't get me wrong, I do not abuse the situation, I come to work everyday, give 200% and follow the rules. I have a moral and ethical commitment to help my other nursing colleagues thru my UNION in my present position as VP.

    For those disenfranchised nurses, think hard about collecting all those single voices which become much louder and powerful that your single whispers of discontent about not only your own plight, but on behalf of your patients.

    The HR data (overtime, turnover, lack of senior staff, worksite injuries) should raise red flags to any reviewing agency and your state nursing board.

    Good luck and let your colleagues know how to help you.
  10. by   nurseguysfinishfirst
    Ohio will soon be Detroit without the big government bailout. Good luck with that.
  11. by   dnnc52
    Wow! Right to work, Right to be fired without any reason. So can you be fired for Union activity. The fact is they can't say you are being fired for the union activity. But yes you can be fired, and most likely you will be. Another question to add is who looks out for the safety of the nurse in NC? The board will be the first to tell you, they are there to protect the public from poor nursing. But make no stand of nurse/pt ratios. Where as a Union would be an advocate for both the nurse safety, and would be a soapbox for nurse situations that the management, or higher ups turn a deaf ear to. Any nurse who really thinks that their employer is covering their liability is a fool. ALWAYS cover yourself with your own mal-practice insurance. When it comes to your job/career and the companie's PR. YOU LOSE! Why no unions in NC?. Right to work state is all for the employer's benefit...I know of contrated healthcare provider corps that will only work in the Right to work states. Not all but many nurse have been drinking the cool-aid, of "You don't need an outsider to do you speaking"(Unions). True you can talk, present and complain and they will listen to you. Then do nothing!!!!! Good luck........
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    Quote from nicurn001
    The only message they get is that nurses are a dime a dozen , you think most nurses will be honest as to their reasons for leaving their poorly managed facility , nope most do not want to burn their bridges , the new place could be worse!.
    I love how those who are against unions usuallyadvise that as an individual , if you see things you should approach management to try to get things changed ( if it is something management is particularly unhappy to hear about , change will occur , you will lose your job !).Then if you haven't been fired roll the dice and move onto another job ( only possible if there is another employer available )which may or may not be better .
    Heaven forbid that you would turn to them commie , pinko unions ,you know those anticapitalists who brought about safe staffing ratios , hold the employer to the laws , their own policies and a contract .Who poison the (prior to the unions arrival )wonderful staff / management relationships at a facility etc..

    , nope most do not want to burn their bridges , the new place could be worse!.
    Or like here in NC we have a few major health care system buying and bullying the other smaller hospitals. So if you burn a bridge or two, your career may me stranded.
  13. by   nicurn001
    How to bring in a nurses union in a non union state?
    Ask the nurses at Palmetto general hospital , Southern Florida they just voted by about 85% ( 271 -45 I believe )to have union representation (( NNU/NNOC ).