Bill would require nurse-to-patient ratios in Michigan hospitals - page 3

The Michigan Nurses Association joined Democratic lawmakers Monday in their push to make Michigan the second state to mandate hospital staffing levels, but hospital officials expressed concern the... Read More

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    If you go to My Florida News website, follow the link to Florida Roundtable, and then scroll thru the podcasts on the Florida Roundtable, you can hear Dr. John Silver (RN) talk about these issues. He is the author of "just a union...of nurses". Boring intro but good discussions. We need more nurses speaking up!
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    I worked St Joe's on Woodward in the middle 80's. Post partum....would routinely have 10 mothers-some first day c-sections. Even though the nursery did vitals/assessment, we still spent time teaching/nursing, which in essence gave us twenty patients.
    Don't get me wrong--PP is easily the easiest job ever. But twenty pts is ridiculous! Maybe someone is tired of lawsuits!

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